NHTI Alerts - FAQs

NHTI Alerts LogoWhat should I do when I receive an NHTI ALERTS message?
There are three things you should do when you receive an NHTI ALERTS notification message:

  1. Read/Listen to the message - don't ignore it!
  2. Alert other people. During classes, professors and other students may have their cell phones turned off. If you're in a classroom, please advise the professor so that he or she may assist you in taking appropriate action. If you're at work, let your coworkers know about the alert. It's very important to help spread word.
  3. Follow any instructions given with the message. The instructions will be direct and specific to the particular situation. Be sure to follow them carefully. If the situation requires it, additional messages will be transmitted to update you.

How can I be sure my telephone number won't be given out?
The information you provide for NHTI Alerts belongs to NHTI, Concord's Community College. Our vendor (RAVE) ensures that none of your cell phone or email information will be sold, offered or shared in any way with anyone. It's against federal law for them to share or sell personal student information.

Do I need to register to activate this service?
That depends. All students, faculty and staff who were members of the NHTI community on July 1, 2018 were automatically registered in the ALERTS system.  Those who joined NHTI after July 1 were not automatically enrolled, and are strongly encouraged to register for NHTI Alerts, and provide their emergency contact information.  (Note: Even if you were automatically registered, it's a good idea to log into the system and verify your contact information!)

What if I attend more than one NH Community College?
If you wish to receive alerts for more than one campus you will need to register for each campus you want to receive alerts from. Keep in mind the reliability of the NHTI Alerts system is dependent on the accuracy of the contact information you provide - please keep it updated.

Does this mean that I should leave my cell phone on in class?
Cell phone use is guided by policies and set by the individual instructor.

How much does NHTI Alerts cost?
There is no charge for registering - the total cost is covered by the College. However, costs associated with text messaging are dependent on the phone plan you are on. Some phone plans apply nominal charges for text messages which NHTI alerts will not reimburse, so be sure to check your cell phone contract.

What if I change my cell phone service provider?
When you change cell phone providers, but keep your existing cell phone number, it is considered "ported," and doesn't need to be reregistered for the NHTI Alerts system.

What if I change my cell phone number or my email?
You will need to update your contact information on NHTI Alerts.

Will I receive unsolicited messages (“SPAM”) on my cell phone or email account?
No. NHTI Alerts will not sell your contact info to third party marketers.

How do I stop receiving NHTI Alerts?
You may discontinue receiving messages at any time by deleting your account from the NHTI Alerts system.  To delete your account, log into the system and click the "Edit" button next to your name on the "My Account" tab.  This will take you to the User Profile screen, where you will find a "Delete Account" button.

Disclaimer: CCSNH has retained a vendor (RAVE) to provide emergency notification services to those who request it. Both CCSNH and the vendor will attempt to provide accurate information and appropriate instruction in a timely manner using the contact information you have provided. By registering for these services, you recognize and agree that neither CCSNH nor the vendor will be held liable in the event of a failure to provide notice or in the event that inaccurate information or faulty instructions are given. CCSNH reserves the rights to use emergency contact information for the critical business of the college but only after other methods of contact have failed. CCSNH and the vendor will not share, sell or otherwise provide your information, without your permission, to any other person or entity.

To register for NHTI Alerts or update your contact info, please visit https://www.getrave.com/login/nhti.  You will need a CCSNH email address to register.

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