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A student’s continuance at any Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) college depends not only upon his or her academic performance but also on his or her conduct. The receipt of academic credit and the conferring of a degree, professional certificate, or certificate are subject to the student’s compliance with the academic and judicial standards of the individual CCSNH college. A broad range of sanctions, up to and including dismissal/expulsion from all CCSNH colleges, may be imposed at any time for conduct that would discredit or adversely reflect on the student and/or the CCSNH colleges.
The goals of the CCSNH colleges’ judicial system are to:

  • Develop, disseminate, interpret, and enforce campus regulations;
  • Protect the relevant rights of all students;
  • Adjudicate student behavioral problems in an effective, equitable, and educational manner;
  • Facilitate and encourage respect for campus governance; and
  • Provide learning experiences for students who participate in the operation of the judicial system.

The mission of the CCSNH Colleges Judicial System shall be educational in emphasis. Its purpose is to foster self-discipline and self-direction in the student. Its goal is to enable the student to learn from his/her experiences, to foresee consequences of behavior, and to avoid behaviors that would violate ethical and moral standards.

Discipline, if it is to be educational, depends upon the involvement of the entire campus. As such, it is properly the concern of the student body, the faculty, the staff, and the administration.

In the administration of discipline, however, it is imperative that a proper balance exists between concern for the individual involved in an infraction and concern for the CCSNH college community. In doing so, one recognizes that the good of the CCSNH college community normally takes precedence.

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