Women's Soccer Roster

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NHTI Women's Soccer Team

  Star Chagnon   Deanna Spartichin
No. 1     Pos. M     Ht. 5'3" No. 2     Pos. M     Ht. 5'3"
General Studies   Freshman General Studies    Freshman
Pittsfield, N.H. Farmington, N.H.
  Monica Horning   Stefani Gauthier
No. 3     Pos. D     Ht. 5'6" No. 5     Pos. M     Ht. 5'2"
General Studies   Junior General Studies   Sophomore
Concord, N.H. Pittsfield, N.H.
  Cydney McIntyre   Taylor O'Mara
No. 6     Pos. M     Ht. 5'4" No. 7     Pos. M     Ht. 5'2"
Orthopedic Tech   Freshman Business Studies   Freshman
Alton, N.H. Sunapee, N.H.
  Isabel Rodriguez   Lexi Duclos
No. 11     Pos. D     Ht. 5'3" No. 12     Pos. D/M     Ht. 5'9"
General Studies   Sophomore General Studies   Sophomore
Lawrence, Mass. Epsom, N.H.
  Emily Blad   Marissa Fortier
No. 13     Pos. D/M     Ht. 5'3" No. 14     Pos. GK     5'6"
General Studies   Sophomore Liberal Arts   Sophomore
Northwood, N.H. Rochester, N.H.
  Alicia Blair   Shannon Hart
No. 16   Pos. D     Ht. 5'8"      No. 17     Pos. F     Ht. 5'4"
Business Studies   Freshman Early Childhood Ed.   Freshman
Concord, N.H. Swanzey, N.H.
  Kylie Chase   Bri Blaisdell
No. 18     Pos. M   Ht. 5'5" No. 20     Pos. M     Ht. 5'1"
General Studies   Junior Orthopedic Tech   Freshman
Lisbon, N.H. Rochester, N.H
  Kendra Strong   Bri St. Pierre
No. 21     Pos. D/M     Ht. 5'6" No. 23     Pos. D     Ht. 5'7"
General Studies   Senior General Studies   Sophomore
North Conway, N.H. Rochester, N.H.
  Michela Rollins   Marrisa Quinonez
No. 26     Pos. M      Ht. 5'4" No. 28     Pos. M/GK     Ht. 5'5"
General Studies   Sophomore General Studies   Freshman
Avondale, Ariz. Hillsboro, N.H.
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