Strout Hall Staff

Colby ChaputHi everyone, my name is Colby Chaput and I am the Residence Director (RD) of Strout Hall. I am originally from Swanzey, NH. I have an older brother whose married, and I have 2 nieces. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with my Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies. This is going to be my first semester as the RD of Strout Hall. I live on campus year round in the apartment in Strout Hall. I love being adventurous in so many different ways including hiking, snorkeling, climbing, and eating crazy things. I tried ox tongue one time, and frog legs. I also love cooking, and exploring different flavors and trying to become the best I can be in the kitchen. I look forward to connecting with you all, and supporting you to the best of my ability in your college journey, and am always here to help make your experience the best that it can be!


Meghan DonahueHi everyone! I’m Meghan Donahue and I am the Head RA here in lovely Strout Hall.  This is my 5th semester as an RA. I am studying Business Administration and plan on going into a career in marketing. A little about me, I love coffee, the color yellow, dogs of all kinds, my friends, and adventuring! My all-time favorite song is Classic by MKTO, and my favorite show is The Office. My door is always open when I’m here, so always feel free to swing by room 323 if you need anything or just to say hi! 



Dominic Knox

Hi I am Dominic Knox and this will be my fourth full semester as an RA and my third year here at NHTI. I just got my associates in criminal justice and am beginning my journey to get me bachelors. I am an avid gym goer to the point I basically live at the gym. Also I enjoy watching Bradley Martyn or the Rock YouTube videos. So if you ever wanted to do either of those things I’m more than willing. I’m in room 223 should you need anything.
Erin BrennanHello, my name is Erin Brennan! I graduated from Timberlane Regional High School and I’m from Sandown New Hampshire. I am an Education major and this is my second semester at NHTI. Also my first semester as an RA. I enjoy music, drawing, watching movies with friends and I love coffee! If you ever want to talk I’m in room 307!
Samuel NewtonHey, everyone! I’m one of your new RA’s, Sam Newton. My major is Addiction Counseling, and I hope to become a counselor duly licensed in mental health and drug & alcohol dependency. This is my fourth semester at NHTI and second semester as an RA, with my first being in South Hall.

A little bit about me: I thrive in the outdoors and my dog, Maya, is my sidekick and bestfriend. I have a deep passion for psychology and human service work, and therefore a strong commitment to building a solid community. Reading and watching movies take up a lot of my freetime in the colder months, but I’d still love to get a chance to meet and connect with all of you. Feel free to swing by room 207 anytime, I look forward to getting to know you all!

Sean StruzikHi! I’m RA Sean. I’m in Computer Engineering Technology. I’m a quiet person, but come talk to me anyways. If I’m not in class, I am usually in my room so go knock on 124 and say hi. I probably play too many video games, but I don’t care. I also like playing sports, hiking, fixing things (anything), and eating food. Also, I LOVE MEMES! 

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