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Kelley Taylor

Expertise in telemetry, cardiac stress lab, emergency, management in long term care and education. Member of NHNA and ANA. Joined faculty in 2013.

Rae Mello-Andrews

Expertise in emergency, critical care, staff development and EMS education. Registered paramedic. Member of NHNA, ANA, Emergency Nurses Association and Infusion Nurses Society. Joined faculty in 2018.

Barbara Laganiere

Expertise in mental health, rehabilitative, community and public health, geriatrics, and correctional nursing. Member of the NHNA, ANA and Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society. Joined faculty in 2019.

Margaret Lambert

Expertise in adult critical care, cardiac and nursing leadership. Member of NHNA, ANA, AACN. Joined faculty in 2018.

Candace Knowlton

Expertise in labor and delivery, and experience in med/surg, OR, and education. Member of the North Eastern Organization of Nurse Educators. Joined faculty in 2019.

Kerri Vining-Goupil

Expertise in medical-surgical nursing and simulation. Member of NHNA and ANA. Joined faculty in 2009.

Jennifer Brace

Expertise in obstetrical nursing. Member of the Association of Woman’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses. Previously adjunct, joined NHTI fulltime in 2016.

Mary Jean Byer

Expertise in obstetrical nursing. Membership in the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, NHNA and ANA. Joined faculty in 1986.

Aleta Billadeau

Expertise in acute care, leadership, staff development, telemetry, emergency and cross- cultural mission nursing. Member of NHNA, ANA, and the American Holistic Nurses Association. Joined faculty in 2019.merican Holistic Nurses Association. Joined faculty in 2019.