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Jessica ChisholmJessica Chisholm is the Assistant Director of Residence Life and the Residence Director of South Hall.  She is going into her sixth year at NHTI.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Plymouth State University, is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Leadership from Norwich University, and is certified as an EMT-Basic.

Throughout college she was very involved in the student affairs field and because of that decided to become an RD.  She loves working with the students, and finds it extremely rewarding to see how the students grow throughout the year.

Jessica loves volunteering outside of work and can be found helping with the adaptive ski program at Mount Sunapee through NEHSA in the winter, and volunteering at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, a camp for kids who have or have had cancer, during the summer.

Sara VassyMeet HRA Sara!  This is her third semester as a resident assistant in South Hall and her second semester as Head RA.  Besides being an RA she is also a member of Rho Alpha Sigma and plays on the softball team.  Sara is in her third year as a student at NHTI and is a General Studies major.  After completing this year she plans on transferring to Plymouth State University and is on majoring in Mental Health Psychology.

Sara is from Danbury, NH and graduated from Newfound Regional High School in 2013.  She has 6 brothers and 3 sisters, a chinchilla (Meeko), and a new puppy (Mella).  Sara loves the Bruins, all kinds of music (she recently started a record collection), watching Netflix, being with friends, and playing and watching softball.

HRA Sara’s door is always open.  If you ever need to talk, need help with something, want hang out with someone, watch a movie, listen to some records, or grab some lunch feel free to swing by her room!

Ashley PeirsolRA Ashley Peirsol was born in Phoenix Arizona she moved to Hillsboro NH when she was 11.  She graduated from Hillsboro-Deering High School in 2014.  This is her second year at NHTI and her second semester as an RA.  She is currently in the general studies program and is planning on going into the nursing program!  When she is not in class or doing homework she enjoys being with friends, being outside, or even catching the Red Sox and Patriots games on TV.  When she is not in her room she is generally around the hall!  Go ahead and go find her she would love to get to know you!


Jenna BeaulieuJenna Beaulieu grew up in the very small town of Troy, New Hampshire.  This is her third year at NHTI and her first semester as a Resident Assistant.  She is majoring in Health Science with the plan to graduate May 2016.  She is a very outgoing person, and loves to be active.  She plays on the softball team here at NHTI!  In her free time, if she is not in class, working, or at practice, you can probably find her around campus doing something active.  She will always have her camera on her because she loves taking pictures.  She also loves animals more than people, especially cats.  She is always here to help you and is always willing to give a hand if you need help with anything.  If you ever need someone to talk to, she will always listen.  She is always looking for ways to encourage people to better themselves anyway possible.

Alex LewisAlex is a 3rd year student here, originally from Plaistow, NH, home of the Timberlane Owls. This will be his 1st year as a RA!  He is an Accounting Major as of last year, after switching over from General Studies.  Some of his passions include playing sports and video games, going to the gym, and socializing in the hall.  One thing you have to know about him is that he is a huge nerd, and you will probably have moments where you stare at him in disbelief, but that's perfectly okay!  You'll just laugh it off and hopefully we will get to hear what you are all passionate about.  Meeting all of you is what he looks forward to most this year.  Let's make this a year to remember.

AnthonyRA Anthony Jimenez was born in New York City and grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire.  He graduated from Manchester Central High School in 2014.  He plans to get his Associates Degree in the IT program.  This is his first semester as an RA.  On his free time he loves to play basketball.  His passion is in music and he rarely turns down a dance battle. He is also a part of the Alternative Spring Break Club.  He loves helping others and is a great listener so feel free to stop by his room at any time!

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