The NHTI Lynx Cupboard is an on-campus food pantry that houses shelf-stable food items.  The pantry is currently under renovation and will be opening again soon for scheduled, curb-side pick-up service. We are currently in Phase 1 of our pantry, which provides non-perishable, shelf-stable food and personal care items to our campus community.  Phase 2 will off our campus a greater diversity of food items by adding perishable (fruits, vegetables, bread, refrigerated, and frozen) food options.  

The Lynx Cupboard is located on the first floor of Little Hall in Room 103 and is not currently open because of the college’s COVID restrictions. When open, any members of the NHTI community can access the Lynx Cupboard during set hours for pick-ups. The Lynx Cupboard is always accepting donations of shelf-stable food, personal care items, and monetary donations. 

The Lynx Cupboard was established in Fall 2019 to address food insecurity at NHTI to support our students’ academic pursuits.  

If you have questions or suggestions for the Lynx Cupboard, please contact Trish Loring or the Office of Student Affairs at