The Campus Safety department operates 24/7 and offers a variety of services, such as a walking escorts, unlocking/jumpstarting motor vehicles, parking permits, lost and found, investigations, lockers, event coverage, issuing student IDs, and response to complaints and emergencies. Campus Safety encourages the reporting of potential or actual criminal activity and other emergencies by calling the emergency line at 603-224-3287 or using one of the Code Blue Phones on campus to contact Campus Safety directly.

To meet the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 the NHTI Annual Security Report has been prepared by the NHTI Campus Safety Department using statistical and other information supplied by NHTI, the Concord Police Department, and the N.H. State Police. 

Campus Safety Services

We provide many services on the NHTI campus including the following:

We offer the following types of escorts on campus free of charge:

  • Walking escorts on college property for safety-related concerns
  • Motor vehicle escorts for medical-related concerns

You may request this service at any time by contacting the Campus Safety Emergency Line at 603-224-3287 or through one of the Code Blue Phones located throughout the college grounds.

When contacting us please provide us with you name, current location, reason why you need an escort, and destination. The officer on duty will give you an estimated time of arrival to your location.

Please remember that Campus Safety officers have many other responsibilities and may not be able to respond immediately to your request.

NHTI has lockers available:

  • Sweeney Hall 3rd floor and Little Hall 2nd floor lockers are available to faculty, staff, and students.
  • MacRury Hall restroom lockers are for Dental students only and are assigned through the Dental Program.
  • The Wellness Center and Sweeney Hall locker room lockers are for day use only and are issued through the Wellness Center Office.

Locker users are encouraged to purchase their own lock to secure the locker. NHTI is not responsible for lost or stolen articles contained within the locker. To reserve a locker, please contact Campus Safety at 603-224-3287 or

View full Locker Policy here.

For a Residence Hall room lock out, first contact the Residence Life Department. If you are unable to reach a residence life staff member, contact Campus Safety at 603-224-3287.

An officer will perform an unlock request provided the following:

  • You wait at your room once you have made the unlock request.
  • You are the legal occupant of the room as verified on the Housing Roster.
  • You can provide identification. (ID can be shown once your door is unlocked if it inside your room.)

Campus Safety officers will not provide unlock service of a room other than your own, nor will they provide access to a residence hall for non-residents.  

In the event that you should lock your keys in your classroom/office, first contact a employee of the department. If an employee is unavailable, contact Campus Safety at 603-224-3287.

Campus Safety will perform unlock requests providing the following:

  • You wait at the room once you have made the unlock request.
  • You have prior authorization to access the location.
  • You can provide identification. (ID can be shown once the door is unlocked if it inside the room.)

NHTI Campus Safety will respond and attempt to unlock your vehicle under the following circumstances:

  • You wait by the vehicle.
  • You can provide proof it is your vehicle through registration, insurance, etc.
  • You complete a Motor Vehicle Lockout Card and sign the waiver absolving NHTI and Campus Safety from liability for any damage done to your vehicle.

Please understand that every vehicle is different, and there are no guarantees that officers will be able to open your vehicle.

Campus Safety takes possession of lost items that are found on campus. Once these items are turned in they are inventoried, logged, and held for 30 days, after which they will be discarded. To retrieve your property, you must go to Campus Safety, provide valid identification, and sign the lost and found inventory log indicating you have received the property. Contact Campus Safety for claims and inquiries regarding lost property at 603-224-3287 or

Prevention and Support Services

The NHTI Student Care and Action Network (SCAN) is here to help students who need additional support efforts. We collaborate with campus departments, faculty, and staff to develop beneficial strategies for you. If you have issues relating to your academic, personal, physical, and emotional well-being, please contact this network of professionals.

Note: SCAN does not take the place of services provided by the Counseling Center, ACE, Student Health, Academic Advising, Campus Safety, or other established student services.

SCAN referrals can be made online or by contacting one of the SCAN members (listed here).

NHTI Alerts, through Rave Mobile Safety, is an emergency notification system that helps ensure rapid and reliable mass communication to students, faculty, and staff. The system communicates with cell phones (text and voice messages), landlines, and email systems should a weather closure/delay, emergency situation, or crisis occur on the NHTI campus.

NHTI students, faculty, and staff are automatically registered to receive alerts via college email and are strongly encouraged to add their cell phone, landline, or other emails to the system profile. The system’s reliability is dependent on the accuracy of the contact information.

To access or update your contact info, visit

Download our NHTI Alerts FAQ.

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) serves as a central network focused on preventive and timely intervention before a crisis arises. BIT is a resource for faculty, staff, and students by which they can report behaviors that may evoke alarm or concern among involved persons. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Suspected violations of college policies
  • Concerns about a student’s well-being
  • Self-injurious behavior/suicidal ideation or attempt
  • Erratic behavior (including on-line activities) that disrupts the mission and/or normal proceedings of college students, faculty, staff, or community
  • Threats of a weapon on campus
  • Hospital transport for alcohol and drug use/abuse
  • Behaviors which appears to be dangerous or threatening to others
  • Other behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive

The BIT process does not replace faculty classroom management, disciplinary processes, and/or public safety responses to incidents.

If you need immediate assistance with a threat or concern, contact Campus Safety at 603-224-3287.

Victim Services

If you are the victim of a crime, NHTI Campus Safety is here to help you:

Emergency Response Services

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