Damages to the residence hall will result in an assessment to the individual or group responsible, based on the actual cost to repair or replace the item or structure affected. Any maintenance or safety violation found in any room will result in a fine. Any excessive mess or malicious damage in the common areas will result in a fine to the hall, group, or individual responsible.

Fines and damage charges are assessed after an incident investigation. Residence hall staff work to find the perpetrators of any damage to be able to assess charges to those responsible. However, when this information cannot be determined, the cost of the damage/fines is split between the residents of the living unit (room, floor, building).

Here is a list of some standard fines. This list is not all inclusive.

Residence Hall Fines

Type of Infraction


Replacement mailbox key


Replacement room key

Labor + replacement cost

Window or screen removal


Conduct, Damages, Violations

Type of Infraction


To Clean a Room


Common Area Messes

Kitchen areas
Laundry Room
TV Lounges
Study Lounges
Computer Lounges
Game Areas
Vending Areas
Bike Storage Rooms


Biohazard/Unnecessary Mess


Failure to Return Furniture to its Original State


Repairs – (holes, furniture)

Cost + 10%

Replace Ceiling Tiles

$10 each

Acts of Vandalism

Cost + 10%

Unauthorized Removal of Furniture from Common Areas for Personal Use or Failure to Return to its Original State


Candles/Incense/Open Flames




Conduct (Noise, Guest, Creed Violations)

Warning to up to $100 based on severity and/or the frequency of the violation

Tampering or Abuse of Safety Equipment

  • Panic Switch
  • Exit Alarms
  • 911 Boxes
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Equipment


Entering/Exiting Side Doors (eff. July 1, 2019)

1st Offense $25.00

2nd Offense $50.00

3rd Offense $100.00

Students may have the opportunity to make restitution for violations.