Microcredential Certificate Programs

Why Microcredentials?

NHTI BTC is committed to understanding the needs of today’s workforce, businesses, and organizations by providing the best instructors and targeted training that delivers RESULTS.  Each microcredential program provides delegates with a full understanding of the objectives in a proven methodology.  Rather than a 1 day ‘bootcamp’ or 2-day ‘workshop,’ microcredential course topics will be featured each week with exploration and discussion with collaborative activities.   Specific application activities are included each week to help apply, understand and reflect on learning principles overtime to develop mastery.  The microcredential represents a commitment to building and applying skills in a professional setting for the purpose of improving processes, relationships and outcomes.  Unlike a ‘one and done’ workshop, ‘we do it differently,’ at NHTI BTC with a unparalleled commitment to outcomes.

All microcredential courses will run at different times throughout the year that allow for individual and group enrollment.  We also off them all as customized training that can be scheduled and targeted for your needs and industry.  Contact us nhtibtc@ccsnh.edu if you would like to learn more.

Mindful Communication Microcredential

New Year, New Mindset!

January 20 – April 28 – Register here.

This program can be delivered to your team on your own schedule with a minimum of 8 delegates.  Eligible for the Job Training Fund.

Bringing Philosophy to the Workplace 

This course is designed around the fact that each moment of our lives is unique and unpredictable. It  teaches you how to accurately assess internal and external factors involved in any given communication experience and make effective choices about how to communicate productively based on that awareness. Through the study of communication theory and mindfulness, participants learn to identify and modify unproductive communication habits, thus increasing their ability to manage stressful situations and improve relationships with others.

Accurate & Proven Methodology

Studies show that mindfulness improves communication and emotional intelligence, suggesting this powerful combination increases a broad array of skills that can benefit you both personally and professionally. In this course, you’ll deepen your understanding and practice of mindful communication through an in-depth look at the ways self-talk, self-concept, and assertive behavior impact communication.

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Data Analytics for Leaders

Registration for 2021 coming soon.  This program can be delivered to your team on your own schedule with a minimum of 8 delegates. Eligible for the Job Training Fund.

Using Data to Make Powerful Decisions

Advances in computing power have led to a massive explosion in the amount of data available for analysis. But many businesses don’t take advantage of the opportunities for analyzing their data, and miss out on opportunities to improve their bottom line.

This series covers an introduction to analytics and common analytics tools and methods, providing today’s professionals with an understanding of what it means to lead with data while actively working with visual datasets to develop best practices to tell a story or make an impact. The program wraps up with the importance of understanding people analytics and forecasting in order to create effective action plans.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

Registration open here

This program can be delivered to your team on your own schedule with a minimum of 8 delegates.  Eligible for the Job Training Fund.

Accurate & Proven Methodology of Personal & Interpersonal Growth

This course is based on Stephen R. Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®,” which after 30 years continues to be a bestseller for the simple reason that it ignores trends and pop psychology and focuses on timeless principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity for personal effectiveness, leadership development and change. This proven process of personal and interpersonal growth begins with an introduction to the paradigms and principles of effectiveness.  

7 habits of highly effective people

You’ll explore the habits that lead to personal mastery: being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first. Next, you transition to the habits that improve our interpersonal communications and relationships: thinking win-win, seeking first to understand and synergizing. The final habit, sharpening our saw, illustrates the importance of making self-care a priority. Lastly, you’ll identify the areas in your personal and professional lives that matter most and develop a plan for turning your ideas and good intentions into action.

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Frontline Manager Microcredential

Registration open here

This program can be delivered to your team on your own schedule with a minimum of 8 delegates.  Eligible for the Job Training Fund.

Manager to Leadership: The People Connectionfrontlineleader

Being a frontline manager is hard. Meeting organizational demands in an efficient and effective way can be challenging, frustrating and seemingly never ending. In order to succeed, the frontline manager must not only have the technical skills to do the job, but the people skills needed to cultivate and maintain a culture where employees are recognized as the organization’s most important asset and consistently treated that way.

Presented in eight (8) two (2) hour sessions, this series explores what it takes for a frontline manager to become a frontline leader. The journey taken in this series begins with self- awareness, travels through making the break from the line to manager, makes stops to consider the success steps needed to supervise well and arrives with the transition of the manager to leader.

Throughout the entire series the focus will be on the soft skills all managers need. The series is accentuated by active participation of attendees, readings and exercises. Attendees will leave this series not only with the information needed to manage people well, but with the encouragement to do so.

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Dental Terminology Microcredential

This program can be delivered to your team on your own schedule with a minimum of 8 delegates.

Important Training for Dental Industry Professionals

The Training will run over six weeks, with a 2.5 hour of instruction per week that will take place in an online meeting space.  The material will be delivered in 6 modules with the goal of providing a reference manual that will support the Delta Dental employee’s daily work.

A course binder with course handouts will be provided for focused notetaking and ongoing reference after the course has been completed.

A web-based learning site has been developed to enhance and reinforce the weekly instruction.  This will include: survey/assessments, learning objectives, and course materials and resources.

Participants will be asked to take a post-training survey.  The post-training survey will be used to measure the understanding and retention of the course curriculum.

Training Goal:

To improve overall customer satisfaction by increasing the Delta Dental employee’s understanding of dental terms and procedures.  Enable the Delta Dental employee to provide accurate feedback on how dental procedures relate to each other in order to help the insurance subscriber maximize their dental benefits.

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Expanding Microcredential offerings in 2020-2021.

Google Educator Certification PreparationRegistration open for Fall 2020 programs and as customized training with groups of 10 or more.

Microsoft Office Specialist – Registration always open with our Ed2Go partner.

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