This program teaches students the programming and systems design skills used in business and industry. Students will use five different programming languages while designing databases and creating business front ends. Extensive hands-on training is provided in our computer labs with extensive instruction.

This program is recommended for those who have achieved a level of expertise in their field or completed a college degree in a specialty area and need computer applications and programming courses to be more effective in using computer productivity tools for managerial decisions.

This program is available days and evenings and is financial aid-eligible. 

Curriculum Abbreviations
  • CL – Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
  • LAB – Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
  • CR – Number of credit hours for the course
Course Title CL LAB CR
IST 216C Introduction to Web Programming 2 2 3
IST 140C Database Design and Management 2 2 3
IST 210C Object-Oriented Programming 2 2 3
IST 215C Advanced Windows Programming 2 2 3
IST 218C Mobile Application Development 2 2 3
IST 240C Advanced Web Programming 2 2 3
IST xxxC IT elective 2 2 3
Total Credits       24

Students who complete this program can enter into the following professions (not an inclusive list): entry-level software developer, junior-level software developer, entry-level web programmer, and junior-level web programmer. Students have a chance to earn Microsoft Technology Associate certifications.

  • Department Chair

    Aaron Conn

    Business Administration | Hospitality and Tourism Management | Information Technology | Sport, Recreation and Tourism Studies
    Department Chair
    Sweeney 306
  • Adjunct Professor

    Mike Cressey, BS

    Information Technology
    Adjunct Professor

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