This Certificate Program will provide you the opportunity to become a computer programmer/software developer and the credits you earn are transferable to the Computer Engineering Technology Associate Degree.

In order to enroll in the Certificate Program, you should be proficient in C++ programming. In lieu of that, CPET 107C Introduction to Programming with C++ can be taken. Also, the ability to understand and use algebraic equations is key to the success of programming. You should have either completed college algebra or you can take MATH 124C College Algebra as a co-requisite. This program is available days and evenings. This program is not financial aid eligible.

Computer Technology Programming (Advanced) Certificate

Course NumberCourse TitleCLLABCR
Required initial course:
CPET 125CData Structures233
AND any three of the following (check prerequisites in course descriptions):
CPET 240CProgramming for Windows Operating Systems334
CPET 222CData Communications334
CPET 252CNetworking and Internet Technologies334
CPET 260CComputer Real Time Interfacing334
CL – Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
LAB – Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
CR – Number of credit hours for the course

Specific Admission Requirements

  • To enroll in the Certificate Program you should be proficient in C++.


 Here is just a sample of some of the exciting job opportunities available to you upon completion of the Certificate Program:

  • Software development
  • Software development for the web
  • Internet of things (IoT) developer
  • Cloud computing programmer
  • Mobile application designer or developer
  • System verification engineer
  • Data communications software developer 

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of students qualify for financial aid