This program is not currently accepting new students.

This 18-credit-hour certificate program will prepare you to critically examine permit applications and plans for residential, commercial, and other building types and to subsequently ensure that the construction of buildings with permits is conducted in accordance with and within the provisions of relevant building codes. As a building inspector and plans examiner you will review and inspect various building types from permit applications through construction phases to ensure that they are safe and structurally sound.

This program is available evenings only. This program is financial aid eligible. 

You will receive an academic certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Building Inspector and Plans Examiner Certificate

Course NumberCourse TitleCLLABCR
Fall Semester
BIPE 101CIntroduction to the International Code Council (ICC) Codes303
BIPE 105CConstruction Document Reading303
Spring Semester
BIPE 110CPlan Review303
BIPE 115CState Construction Laws303
Fall Semester
BIPE 120CLegal Aspects of Enforcement303
BIPE 125CBuilding Inspector Skills (Capstone)303
CL – Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
LAB – Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
CR – Number of credit hours for the course

Specific Admission Requirements

  1. High School Algebra 1 & Algebra II, each with grades of C or higher and High School Geometry with a grade of C or higher, OR prior experience in architecture, engineering, construction, and materials manufacturing industries as evidenced by academic degrees, industry-accepted credentials, employment experience, etc., and;


  1. One page essay explaining reasons to join the Building Inspector & Plan Examiner Certificate Program


Dawn Michaud, Building Inspector and Plans Examiner Students

Dawn Michaud
Residential Plans Examiner, Nashua Building and Safety Department

The mother of four girls, Dawn started her academic career on a different path, putting herself through Nashua Community College for an associate degree in Accounting. She went on for a bachelors in Business at SNHU, and then found herself working for the Nashua Building and Safety Department.

“The first time I opened up the code book, here at NHTI,” she says, “it was a life-changing experience. There’s no better feeling than understanding what a code is for, explaining it to someone, and seeing them really ‘get it,’ helping them realize this code is here to protect them. Plus, if you love to learn every day, this is the career for you. I don’t think there’s another career out there that requires you to know so much – and it’s always changing. “I feel very lucky to be part of this fledgling program – the only one of its kind in the nation”

With some 85% of New Hampshire’s inspectors approaching retirement age, Dawn says that expanding her skill set will open up a wide variety of jobs she can perform, enlarging her choice of occupations in the future.

  • Liaquat Khan, D.A

    Liaquat Khan

    Architectural Engineering Technology,Civil Engineering Technology, Landscape and Environmental Design
    Department Chair
    Grappone 213

    Dr. Khan joined the faculty as ARET Department Chair in 2002. He has worked professionally in Washington D.C. – Maryland area, and overseas. His academic experience includes teaching undergraduate Design Studios, Contract Documents, AutoCAD, Post Occupancy Evaluation – a graduate course, and designing 2-year Diploma programs for the Architecture Department, College of Architecture & Planning at KFU. Dr. Khan’s areas of interest include learning models and architecture education, technology, urban design, and use of computers in architecture education. Dr. Khan holds a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Engineering & Technology – Lahore, a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and a Doctor of Arts from Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire.

  • Dawn Michaud

    Dawn Michaud

    Adjunct Instructor