This degree program is intended for students who plan to continue their education beyond the associate degree; it provides an excellent foundation for studies in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, and pre-veterinary medicine. A major in the biological sciences is recommended for students interested in pursuing further study in biology, botany, zoology, ecology, microbiology, agriculture, forestry, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and marine biology.

Biology provides a broad-based curriculum in the biological sciences and helps students meet the requirements for other degree programs. If students choose to pursue a four-year degree, the core courses in this program  provide the basic competencies, knowledge, and skills. It prepares students for careers in biological science; provides the skills, methods, and knowledge needed for further study; and promotes an appreciation of the sciences.


Curriculum Abbreviations
  • CL – Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
  • LAB – Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
  • CR – Number of credit hours for the course

First Year

Course Title CL LAB CR
Fall Semester
BIOL 111C General Biology I1 3 2 4
CHEM 103C General Chemistry I 3 2 4
ENGL 101C English Composition 4 0 4
INDL 101C STEM in the First Year Experience2 3 0 3
MATH 124C College Algebra or higher-level math3 4 0 4
Spring Semester
BIOL 112C General Biology II1 3 2 4
CHEM 104C General Chemistry II 3 2 4
ENGL 125C Communication and the Literature of Science and Technology or      
ENGL xxxC English elective 3 0 3
PHIL 242C Contemporary Ethical Issues4 3 0 3
PHYS 133C Physics I (Algebra-based) 3 2 4

Second Year

Course Title CL LAB CR
Fall Semester
BIOL 202C Microbiology1 3 3 4
BIOL xxxC Biology elective1 3-4 0-2 3-4
MATH 251C Statistics 4 0 4
PHYS 135C Physics II (Algebra-based) 3 2 4
Spring Semester
BIOL 211C Genetics1 3 2 4
BIOL 260C Cell Biology1 3 3 4
BIOL 290C Senior Capstone Project and Seminar1 3 2 4
BIOL xxxC Biology elective1 3-4 0-2 3-4
Total Credits 61-62
1Indicates major field courses 2Meets Social Science requirement 3Excluding MATH 129C 4Meets Humanities/Language/Fine Arts requirement  
  • High school Biology with a lab with a C or higher
  • High school Chemistry with a lab with a C or higher
  • Algebra I or higher with a C or higher


  • Students will communicate effectively.
    • Students will employ vocabulary pertinent to biological sciences.
    • Students will complete research and use peer-reviewed sources of literature.
  • Students will use critical thinking.
    • Students will apply the scientific method. 
    • Students will connect principles of natural sciences to biological issues.
  • Students will demonstrate the application of scientific technology.
    • Students will practice lab and field safety procedures.
    • Students will utilize current technology to collect, analyze, and present data.
  • Students will express quantitative and qualitative scientific knowledge.
    • Students will explain the significance of research results.
    • Students will analyze theoretical principles across a broad range of sub-disciplines in biological sciences.


Students who complete this program can enter into the following professions (not an inclusive list): biological technician, forest or conservation technician, and medical or clinical laboratory technician.

Other possible positions include veterinary technician, medical assistant, plant science technician, and sales associate for medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and biological materials.

Students who graduate from this program have the skills necessary to work in the field as a biological science technician.

Students complete a capstone project over two consecutive semesters. This hands-on experience strengthens their ability to apply theory to the development of practical solutions to real-world problems. 

2021 Senior Capstone Presentation – Click here for more info!

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