This program prepares new, potential, and current employees for employment in advanced manufacturing.
Students master fundamentals by taking courses in engineering design, controls, computer programming, and robotics and automation. 

Curriculum Abbreviations

  • CL – Number of lecture/classroom hours per week for the course
  • LAB – Number of simulation laboratory, laboratory or clinical hours per week for the course
  • CR – Number of credit hours for the course

First Year

Course Title CL LAB CR
Fall Semester
MATH 120C Quantitative Reasoning 4 0 4
MFET 202C Measurement and Control 3 2 4
Spring Semester
CPET 107C Introduction to Programming with C++ 2 3 3
MCET 105C Engineering Design 4 0 4

Second Year

Course Title CL LAB CR
Fall Semester
RAET 205C PLC Programming 2 3 3
RAET 210C Robotics and Automation I 3 3 4
Spring Semester
RAET 220C Robotics and Automation II 3 3 4
Total Credits       26

It is strongly recommended engineering technology applicants have satisfactorily completed high school-level courses in Chemistry, Physics, and least three years of college preparatory math (Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry) with minimum grades of C.

  • Understand basic electric circuits, controls, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
  • Apply basic principles of engineering to design and analyze processes, subsystems, and components.
  • Design and develop the software to control automation equipment.
  • Integrate automation equipment components such as motion control, vision systems, PLCs, and robotic arms.
  • Apply knowledge, problem solving techniques, and hands-on skills in the design and application of
    manufacturing systems, automated manufacturing processes, process controls, and systems integration.

Students who complete this program can enter into the following professions (not an inclusive list): automation technician, engineer, and automation maintenance mechanic.

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