Who is qualified to receive work study?

Any student who is eligible for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), has documented financial need, and checks the box on the FAFSA form for work study is qualified. Students can request and/or apply for work study funds any time during the academic year.

Where will I work?

  • Clerical/office positions on-campus working in various departments. Departments include Student Affairs, Health Office, English¬† and more.
  • Community Service positions on-campus (Library, child care center, etc.) and also at college extension sites and in community agencies.
  • America Reads/America Counts, a tutoring program off-campus in your community YMCA, elementary school, and day care centers.
  • Non-profit community agencies.

Applicants may contact our Financial Aid office at 603-230-4013 to check if they are eligible. Our Financial Aid Department has a list of any work-study job openings. In-state students may also be eligible for state-funded Community College Work-Study funding. Work-study funding is also need-based.

Steps once a student is awarded:

  • Pick-up and review the FWS employment contract with a member of the Financial Aid Office
  • Review the job postings and select a position of interest
  • Schedule an interview with the position supervisor
  • Complete the FWS employment contract with the position supervisor
  • Return the completed FWS employment contract to the Financial Aid Office, along with all required documents
  • Begin working on 2nd business day after completing the Federal Work Study contract
  • Turn in timesheets to the Financial Aid Office every other Thursday by NOON; an exact schedule is listed on the back of the timesheet. Students receive a pay check on a bi-weekly basis when timesheets are turned in on time.