Financial Aid and Attendance at Other CCSNH Colleges

What is a Consortium Agreement and why would I want one?

  • An agreement which allows you to receive financial aid at one school while combining the credits from two different schools during the same enrollment period.
  • You may want to enter into a Consortium Agreement due to scheduling or availability of required courses.
  • Federal aid may only be disbursed through one institution per semester.

How do I set up a Consortium Agreement?

  • Be fully admitted as a degree seeking student with NHTI, the “home” institution.
  • Print a blank consortium agreement
  • Student must complete all required sections to include CRN#, Course Name, Credit and Cost
  • Attach a copy of your Degree Works Audit
  • Return the completed form to either your Advisor or Admissions Office for approval
  • Submit the completed and approved consortium agreement to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

Students need to register for the course at the HOST institution. The Consortium Agreement will be faxed to the HOST institution by the Financial Aid Office.

Remember: It is the student’s responsibility to monitor this process and to verify their registration at the HOST institutio