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The Dental Clinic Wants You!

Or maybe someone you know …

Student and patient in Dental ClinicNHTI's Dental Hygiene Clinic needs patients!  The clinic provides comprehensive client-centered care to its patients, while providing our students with an excellent learning experience.  Our students have been educated and evaluated to laboratory and clinical competency prior to treating clients in the clinic.  Students are closely supervised and evaluated as client assessment and treatment progresses.

The clinic is looking for patients to treat, particularly for the spring semester.  Without patients, our Dental Hygiene students cannot complete the requirements for their degrees!

Services performed in the Dental Hygiene Clinic can include:

Medical/Dental History Evaluation Anti-microbial Therapy
Blood Pressure Screening Fluoride Therapy
Oral Cancer Screening Dietary Analysis
Dental Radiographs Pit and Fissure
Oral Health Risk Assessment Sealants
Education for Prevention of Oral Disease Intra-Oral Photographs
Adult and Child Teeth Cleaning, Plaque and Stain Removal Tobacco Cessation Education and Referral
Desensitization of Sensitive Teeth Prosthetic (denture/partial) Cleaning
Pain Management (Local Anesthesia) Periodontal Scaling and Debridement

    Clinic fees are as follows:

  • Initial Assessment
    • No charge
  • Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
    • Adult with or without bite wing x-rays $25.00
    • Children 16 and under with or without bite wing x-rays $15.00
    • Seniors 60 years and above with or without bite wing $15.00
  • Radiographs  (X-rays)
    • Full mouth series $25.00
    • Bite wing x-rays $15.00
    • Panoramic x-ray $20.00
  • Sealants
    • (per tooth) $8.00


For further information visit or contact Clinic Manager Deb Maynard at 271-6484 x 4393.


Sweeney Hall Holiday Season Office Hours

December 2014  
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December 24 All Sweeney Hall Offices will close at 4:00 pm
December 25 -26 Closed for Christmas Holiday
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January 2015  
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