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Classic Movie Posters in the Library Gallery

Key Largo posterBananas posterThis month, the NHTI Library proudly presents its annual display of classic movie posters from the collection of Barry Steelman, former owner of the Concord's legendary Cinema 93.  Although Mr. Steelman has been sharing his posters with NHTI for many years, he has never repeated a poster from one year to the next!  Check out the exhibit and see posters for some golden oldies you are sure to remember -- as well as some films you've probably never heard of!

Also, don't miss the exhibit of vintage radiology equipment, on display now in honor of Rad Tech Week!

On the Job Board - October 2015

Can you guess the Top 10 Majors being sought by employers on the NHTI Job Board in the month of October?  There are over 850 employers registered to post employment and internship opportunities on the board!   Over 1,100 opportunities have been listed since the board launched in July, and new listings come in daily.  Many of these postings aren't found on other job boards since these employers are specifically targeting NHTI students and grads!

In October, the Top 10 Majors requested were:

  1. Electronic Engineering Technology
  2. Information Technology
  3. Dental Assisting
  4. Business Administration
  5. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  6. Manufacturing Information Technology
  7. Advanced Manufacturing Processes (CNC)
  8. Human Service
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Computer Engineering Technology

Check out the Job Board at  It's free!

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