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Quilling Me Softly: The Library Gallery Presents Sandra White

Heron by Sandra WhiteBird by Sandra White










Loon by Sandra White





This month, the NHTI Library Gallery presents the work of quilling artist Sandra White.  Quilling is an ancient art, originally practiced by winding strips of material around the tips of feathers (hence the name), but now employing specialized metal instruments.  Sandra's techniques also include elements of collage.

Also in the Gallery is an exhibit of pottery by Amanda Tempesta, and a unique display of calculators from the collection of Fred Harrington.  Do you know what kind of calculator doesn't have an equal sign?  Ever hear of Reverse Polish Notation?  Check out these Betamax's of the calculator world, and find out why they died out -- even though they're better!

One-Year Anniversary
Open House

WorkReadyNH logoTuesday, Oct 14, 3-6 pm
Farnum 107

The WorkReadyNH program helps job seekers and career builders improve their skills and add a nationally recognized credential to their resume.  The Open House will provide information or answer any questions about the program’s benefits for those interested in learning more.  NHTI students can also learn about the free condensed, 2 week intensive program to be held during the January break.  Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP to Lisa at (603) 271-6484 x4426