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Golf Tournament Friday May 2

Contact Deb Smith, 271-6484 x4314


Stress Relievers

Wednesday April 30
Thursday May 1
10 am - 3 pm
Student Center Rotunda

Free Massages - Food
Big Games - Sand Art
Trail Mix with Residence Life

Sponsored by CAB - Funded by Senate


McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center logo


Nano Days!

April 19 - May 4

Nano Days celebrations bring university research together with science educators to create new and unique learning experiences for both children and adults to explore the minuscule world of atoms, molecules, and nanoscale forces.

Interactive stations in exhibit galleries allow visitors to explore capillary action and non-Newtonian fluids, investigate new nano products and materials, and imagine what society might be like if we all wore invisibility cloaks!  FREE with General Admission.  Visit for details.

April is Financial Literacy Month

Test Your Financial Literacy
With These 5 Financial Aid Myths and Facts

Myth or Fact?  It’s all free money.

  • Myth.  Any money that helps you pay for college - whether grants, loans, or work-study - is considered part of your financial aid award. All loans will need to repaid after students leave college.

Myth or Fact?  If I borrow $20,000 in student loans, I’ll have to repay $20,000.

  • Myth.  Loans generally will cost a borrower more in the long run than he or she receives up front. Some student loans accrue interest while borrowers are completing their degrees, increasing the total owed after college. After a student leaves school, interest will continue to accrue until the loan debt is paid in full or forgiven.

Myth or Fact?  Students must take the loan amounts offered in their awards.

  • Myth.  Students are not required to take all of the loans offered them. Work with your institution’s financial aid administrators to determine what the right loan amount is for you.

Myth or Fact?  Financial aid awards contain all the money available to help pay for college.

  • Myth. Students can continue to search and apply for outside scholarships after they receive their financial aid awards. In fact, they can apply for scholarships throughout their entire college careers! Families can also look to credit unions and private lenders to borrow private student loans, though private loans are only recommended after eligibility for federal student loans is exhausted.

Myth or Fact?  Financial aid professionals are available to answer questions about paying for college.

  • Fact!  Students and parents should feel comfortable asking questions of an institution’s financial aid administrators. Financial aid administrators want to help any prospective, current, and former students and their parents better understand college costs and make well-informed decisions for their college careers and futures.


WorkReadyNH logoWorkReady for NHTI Students -
2 Week Intensive Workshops

May 12 - May 27 (10 days)
9:00 – 3:30 pm

NCRC exam May 29.
Limited space available.

The WorkReadyNH program at NHTI helps job seekers and career builders improve their skills and add a nationally recognized credential to their resume.  Contact us at 271-6484 x4414 or at