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Visual Arts Senior Capstone Exhibit

Laura Lepore Montage

Clockwise from left: Manager, Society, Mother, Scholar

The work of Visual Arts senior major Laura Lapore is on display now through December 23 in the NHTI Library Gallery.  Laura writes: "From the fierce clay masks of the Asaro Mudmen of New Guinea, to modern day Mexican and Japanese wrestlers or even trick-or-treaters on Halloween, masks have been used by most known cultures since antiquity.  They factor into rituals, ceremonies and entertainment to disguise aspects of one's personality, and/or to take on qualities of another.

"My work is inspired by the tradition of Venetian mask-making, and particularly masks associated with the Commedia dell'Arte in Italy.  Referencing various Commedia dell'Arte characters, I have created masks that not only represent the personae of my daily life -- mother, professional manager, member of society, student, and family member -- but when viewed together pose the universal question, How and why do we conceal or expose ourselves to those around us?"