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Leadership Conference for Students

The Community College Student Leadership Association (CCSLA)  is having their annual two day leadership conference in October.  This conference is an opportunity for students to represent the Student Leadership Program and NHTI at a regional conference. Students will have the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, attend workshops, and network with other student leaders from community colleges in New England.

student leadership conference

NHTI students at the 2014 CCSLA Conference

If you would be interested in attending this conference, please contact Heidi Schmidt, 271-6484 x4297 or, for an application form.  Attendance is FREE!

A special thank you to Student Senate for funding the Student Leadership Team and making this opportunity available to our students!



pennyPenny Wars!

The War Began: Tuesday Sept 29
The War Ends: Tuesday Nov 3
The War Takes Place: In The NHTI Library

All competing student clubs will have a jar on display in the Library.  Support your favorite club by putting pennies in their jar!  OR ... attack other clubs by putting silver coins or bills in their jars!  The goal is to have the most amount of pennies and least amount of silver or paper!

Pennies: Add 1 point!
Nickles: Take away 5 points!
Dimes: Take away 10 points!
Quarters: Take away 25 points!
Half Dollars: Take away 50 points!
$1 Bill: Take away 100 points!
$5 Bill: Take away 500 points!
$10 Bill: Take away 1000 points!
$20 Bill: Take away 2000 points!
$50 Bill: Take away 50,000 points!
$100 Bill: Take away 100,000 points!

The club with the most points gets 10% of all the money raised!  The balance goes to the contest sponsor, SECA, the Student Early Childhood Association.

The War Has Begun!


Find a Job


Check out NHTI's Job Board:

On the Job Board you can:

  • View and Apply for jobs exclusive to NHTI
  • Use the Easy Resume Builder
  • Download FREE Career Podcasts
  • And More ... !



Cameras Wanted!

Stephen Forbes by Mark BoltonThe NHTI Visual Arts Department is putting out a call for 35mm film cameras.  (Yes, film ... no digital cameras, please!)

Intro to Photography
student Stephen Forbes.  Photo by
Mark Bolton.

This semester the department has over 36 students taking Intro to Photography and/or Photography II, and every single loaner camera they have is being used.  They need fully manual, working 35mm film cameras, preferably with a 50mm lens.  (Cameras with other lenses will be accepted.)

So clean out your closets, and know that your equipment from the 70s & 80s will be well-loved, and much appreciated for many years to come.

If you have questions or a camera to donate, contact Susan Haas at (603) 224-1017 or


Oct 2, 2015


Campus Safety Information

The following incidents occurred on NHTI property during the week of September 21 to 27, 2015.  The numbers reflect only the incidents the Safety Department handled directly.

To view the NHTI crime log of the past 60 days reported incidents please go to the NHTI Campus Safety office at One Institute Drive.

Alcohol/Drug:  1
Complaint:  2
Escort:  1
Lock/Key Issues:  12
Lost and Found:  22
Medical:  2
Motor Vehicle:  1
Motor Vehicle Lockout/Jumpstarts:  6
NHTI Campus Policy:  2
Theft:  1
Tickets Issued:  19
Outside Vendor Assists:  11
(Cable/Phone Company, etc.)

Campus Safety
Info Corner

The Campus Safety Department wants to make the campus community aware that students, faculty, and staff are required to have a valid NHTI ID card.  It is important to have your ID card with you in the event you are going to be working after hours, need access to a lab for class, want to attend a campus function, etc.  Without a valid NHTI ID card, you may be denied access to the area you need!  To obtain an ID card, come to the Campus Safety Department.  Faculty/staff ID’s must be validated by the Safety Department; student validation is done through the Bursar’s Office.


Lost and Found

Have you lost or misplaced something?  Here is a list of items brought to “Lost & Found” at Campus Safety:

Flash Drive Skateboard
Bike Keys
Sunglasses Text Books
Book Bag Canvas Chairs
Clothing Ear Buds
Debit Card Binder

Please contact the Campus Safety Department at 603-224-3287 or via email at to find out if any of these items might be yours!