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Stage Lynx Auditions

actorMonday & Tuesday
Sept 28 & 29
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Sweeney Auditorium

NHTI's Stage Lynx Drama Club announces auditions for the fall play, The Heidi Chronicles, by Wendy Wasserstein, directed by Michael Turner.

The plot follows Heidi Holland from high school in the 1960s to her career as a successful art historian more than twenty years later.  The play's main themes deal with the changing role of women during this time period, describing both Heidi's ardent feminism during the 1970s and her eventual sense of betrayal during the 1980s.  Though most of the characters are women, there are two important male characters; Peter Patrone, a gay pediatrician who is arguably Heidi's best friend, and Scoop Rosenbaum, a magazine editor who marries and has many affairs, and with whom Heidi has a tense friendship.



pennyPenny Wars!

The War Begins: Tuesday Sept 29
The War Ends: Tuesday Nov 3
The War Takes Place: In The NHTI Library

All competing student clubs will have a jar on display in the Library.  Support your favorite club by putting pennies in their jar!  OR ... attack other clubs by putting silver coins or bills in their jars!  The goal is to have the most amount of pennies and least amount of silver or paper!

Pennies: Add 1 point!
Nickles: Take away 5 points!
Dimes: Take away 10 points!
Quarters: Take away 25 points!
Half Dollars: Take away 50 points!
$1 Bill: Take away 100 points!
$5 Bill: Take away 500 points!
$10 Bill: Take away 1000 points!
$20 Bill: Take away 2000 points!
$50 Bill: Take away 50,000 points!
$100 Bill: Take away 100,000 points!

The club with the most points gets 10% of all the money raised!  The balance goes to the contest sponsor, SECA, the Student Early Childhood Association.

Let the War Begin!

Jesus Nebot: Illegal Immigration Reform

Jesus NebotThursday Oct 1
12 -1:30 pm
Sweeney Auditorium

Jesus Nebot used to be an undocumented immigrant working in the fields during his youth.  He is now a multi-award winning filmmaker and immigration speaker with 10 years experience, inspiring students to pursue their highest dreams, and become the solution to some of our greatest human challenges, including illegal immigration.  He became a filmmaker and a speaker to tell stories that would enrich the human spirit and raise awareness about our common humanity.  Are they illegal aliens or refugees? 

In this presentation you will:

  • Get the real facts about the origin and history of illegal immigration and its current economic and social impact in the US.
  • Voice your opinions about immigration reform and find out what politicians and newscasters are not telling us about Illegal Immigration.
  • Gain greater understanding for people on all sides and explore effective, comprehensive and long lasting solutions that students can help implement to make a difference on campus and in their communities.



On the Job Board - August 2015

Can you guess the Top 10 Majors being sought by employers on the NHTI Job Board in the month of August?  There are over 850 employers registered to post employment and internship opportunities on the board!   Postings come in daily and they are quite diverse.  Many of these postings aren't found on other job boards since these employers are specifically targeting NHTI students and grads!

In August, the Top 10 Majors requested were:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Dental Assisting
  3. Computer Engineering Technology
  4. Early Childhood Education
  5. Electronic Engineering Technology
  6. Education
  7. Business Administration
  8. Visual Arts
  9. Nursing
  10. Computer Aided Design

Check out the Job Board at  It's free!


Sept 25, 2015


Campus Safety Information

The following incidents occurred on NHTI property during the week of September 14 to 20, 2015.  The numbers reflect only the incidents the Safety Department handled directly.

To view the NHTI crime log of the past 60 days reported incidents please go to the NHTI Campus Safety office at One Institute Drive.

Alcohol/Drug:  1
Escort:  1
Lock/Key Issues:  16
Lost and Found:  31
Medical:  5
Motor Vehicle Lockout/Jumpstarts:  5
NHTI Campus Policy:  1
Theft:  1
Tickets & Warnings Issued:  35
Outside Vendor Assists:  13
(Cable/Phone Company, etc.)

Campus Safety
Info Corner

Did you know the NHTI Campus Safety Department maintains a crime and fire log listing events for the last 60 days which can be viewed at any time in the Campus Safety Office?

Campus Safety is also where lost and found items are brought and maintained for a 30 day period.  If you lost or misplaced something, why not check with the Campus Safety Department to see if it was turned in!


Lost and Found

Have you lost or misplaced something?  Here is a list of items brought to “Lost & Found” at Campus Safety:

Text Books Sweatshirt
Keys IDs
Sweater Earbuds
Canvas chairs Picnic basket
Sandals Hubcap

Please contact the Campus Safety Department at 603-224-3287 or via email at to find out if any of these items might be yours!