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New VISTAs: Alex Carbone

Although NHTI's new AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer, Alexandra "Alex" Carbone didn't join us officially until August, she was eager to get a taste of her new position.  So she volunteered to help out at all of this summer's Orientations -- three in June and one in July.  It's already clear she's going to be a great asset.  alex carbone

Alex is a recent graduate of SNHU, where she earned a BA in Psychology and was active in the Center for Community Engaged Learning.  Through the Center she has done volunteer work with the resettlement community in Manchester, running an after-school child care center and working with a program called Women for Women.  So she is, as she puts it, "used to service."

Though she is familiar with the Concord area and with many of our community partners, Alex confesses that she did not actually know very much about NHTI itself before now.  The Orientations left her favorably impressed.

"People think a community college is a backpack school.  But NHTI doesn't have that kind of vibe.  You actually have a Quad; SNHU doesn't even have a Quad!  After meeting the student leaders here, I realize people don't think of this as the place they drive to for classes.  Everyone keeps telling me, 'This is my home.'"

Alex hopes for a career in higher education, but knows that's a difficult field to break into without a Master's degree.  She sees her AmeriCorps*VISTA work as a gateway toward that future.  Like our students, she's hoping to start here, and go anywhere.  And have some fun on the way.

Stage Lynx Auditions

shakespearian actor, drawingStage Lynx, the NHTI drama club, will hold auditions Monday Sept 22 and Tuesday Sept 23 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm in Sweeney Auditorium for both its fall and spring productions.

The fall show is "Reckless," a dark comedy by Craig Lucas, directed by Jim Webber.  Production dates:  Dec 5-7.  Characters include:

  • RACHEL – Young mother with a shaky grasp of reality.
  • TOM / TOM JR. – (Father) Troubled, secretive, guilt-ridden.  (Son) – Insomniac, depressed student plagued by unresolved dreams of his childhood.
  • LLOYD – Gregarious and generous, Lloyd has escaped from a terrible tragedy, and a terribly big debt.  Married to POOTY.
  • POOTY – Paraplegic woman who pretends to be deaf to collect double disability, a secret she hides from her husband.  Also plays TALK SHOW GUEST (a self-involved book author).
  • ROY / TIM TIMKO / TALK SHOW HOST - ROY is office manager at Hands Across The Sea, a non-profit.  TIM is a sarcastic TV game show host.  TALK SHOW HOST – of a ‘Dr. Phil’ type program.
  • TRISH / WOMAN PATIENT – TRISH is a taciturn and secretive worker at a non-profit, with hands on the accounts.  WOMAN PATIENT – A happy patient finishing up a successful session with her therapist.
  • DOCTORS ONE THROUGH SIX – Rachel’s therapists – a question answerer, a question asker, clueless, primal scream specialist, affirmation repeater, infantile comforter.  (Male or female.)

The spring show will be "The Heidi Chronicles" by Wendy Wasserstein, directed by Michael Turner. 

Auditioners do not have to prepare monologues, but will read from scripts provided at auditions.  For further information contact Jewel Davis at (603) 271-6484 x4150.


Aug 29, 2014

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Fall Art Classes

Always wanted to take an art class, but never had the time (or the cash)?  Now's your chance!

Pears, watercolor paintingThis fall, NHTI will offer a series of 4-week art classes in partnership with GoodLIfe Programs and Activities.  The cost for each intensive, hands-on class is only $100, plus materials.  These are non-credit classes.  The first two classes begin September 9!

- Introduction to Watercolor with Sarah Ellis, Sept 9-30, Thursdays, 1-3 pm

- Introduction to Drawing with Sara Ellis, Sept 9-30, Tuesdays, 10 am - 12 pm

NHTI’s Visual Arts studios are located at 254 North State Street, next door to GoodLife Programs and Activities.  For more information call (603) 228-6630, or email