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 Farewell, Marty!

Marty Hunt Retirement Party Crowd

A vast crowd of NHTI faculty, staff and students past and present turned out to bid farewell to retiring Business Department Head Martha ("Marty") Hunt on Monday May 11.  No mere retirement rocking chair for Marty.  VP Steve Caccia stunned the crowd with the announcement that Student Center room 225, where the Student Senate meets, will now and forevermore be known as the "Hunt Room" in Marty's honor.

NHTI Battles the Ash Borer!

Starting this spring, NHTI is assisting the NH Division of Forests and Lands in its campaign against the Emerald Ash Borer.  The ash borer is an invasive beetle responsible for the death of millions of ash trees in the United States.  This destructive beetle was found in New Hampshire in 2013.  The division of Forests and Lands is working to track the spread of this insect in the state, and hopefully slow or halt its progress.

As part of this effort, Forests and Lands will be releasing a swarm of tiny, stingless wasps in a small stand of ash trees at the south end of campus.  These specialized wasps are able to “hear” ash borer larvae under the bark of a tree.  The females bore into the tree and lay their eggs there.  As the eggs develop into adults, they nourish themselves on the ash borer larvae, killing them.

Ash Borer Trap

In connection with this experiment, the Divison will be leaving behind several cups and small (about 2”x4”) logs on the trees like the ones pictured above, along with signs explaining what their purpose is.  They also put their office number at the bottom in case anyone has any questions.  Please leave these undisturbed, and help save our ash trees!


Community College System Honors Running Start Advocates

On Tuesday May 12, NHTI President Susan Dunton joined NH Governor Maggie Hassan, Community College System of NH (CCSNH) Chancellor Ross Gittell, and CCSNH Board of Trustees Chair Paul Holloway in honoring seven high school teachers from across the state who have supported the growth of the Running Start program and helped make college more affordable for NH students.  Running Start is a partnership with NH’s community colleges that enables high school students to take courses for dual high school and college credit.   Credits can be transferred to colleges and universities in and outside of New Hampshire.

Susan Dunton and Maggie Hassan

NHTI President Susan Dunton (left) greets NH Governor Maggie Hassan.

CCSNH created the Running Start program in 1999 at seven high schools. Since then, the program has expanded to more than ninety high schools and adult education centers across the state.  In 2015 the program topped 7,000 course registrations, a record since the creation of the program.  Course offerings range from technical studies in automotive, software applications, and engineering, to advanced chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, to college composition and other humanities courses among others. 

By earning college credits while in high school, students get a head start on their college education, can shorten the time to obtain a degree, and reduce college costs. Each course taken through Running Start costs $150, a significant savings from the costs of a course taken directly through a college.