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What Do We Do With Rain?

Tuesday February 18, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Library Living Room
Co-sponsored by NHTI's Architectural Engineering Club.  Free and open to the public.

Nutrients, Land Use & Community Resiliency"

Rob Roseen, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, is a water resources engineer with experience in the investigation, design, testing, and implementation of innovative approaches to stormwater management.  His broad area of expertise includes water resources engineering, stormwater management, low-impact development (LID) design, and porous pavements.  Dr. Roseen was the director of the UNH Stormwater Center until 2012.  He is now is a senior engineer with Geosyntec, a global consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving the environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.

Write It Right

Student Senate Wants You!

Are you smart, driven, and looking to make a difference?  Are you interested in representing your major in NHTI’s student government organization? Student Senate is still recruiting talented, ambitious students for the spring 2014 semester and beyond!  Contact Advisor Marty Hunt to learn more, or come to room SC225 any Tuesday at 12:00 noon to join one of the most involved, engaging organizations on campus!


Matt Marcil: Born Engineer

Matt Marcil

Matt Marcil of Concord is a double-major in mechanical engineering (MET) and manufacturing engineering (MFET) technology.  He finds these twin NHTI programs "a convenient and economical way to take my interests and passions further."

"I love to learn the way things are," says Matt.  "The way stars form, how sound travels - I've even committed 32 digits of Pi to memory.  (I hope to have at least a few hundred digits by the time I'm old.)  Physical and mathematical constants just seem so cool and meaningful to me.  I grew up loving Bill Nye the Science Guy and Beakman's World.

"My interests have increasingly become quite wide and diverse: music, visual art, astronomy, acoustics, woodworking, CAD, video, graphic design, writing, photography, etc.  I find that, to some extent, it really doesn't matter so much what I'm learning and exploring, but simply that I'm learning and exploring."

At 31 years old, Matt is happily married and works as a full-time audio engineer in Concord.  He owns and operates three different audio-related businesses:  Tweek Sound and Mastering, a recording studio; Mahogany Audio, a field recording service; and Audio Tools, an audio production training program.  He is also a engineer and on-air personality at WKXL radio, and the staff recording engineer for the Concord Community Music School.

After graduating from NHTI, Matt hopes to go on for a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering tech at UNH.  "If I have my druthers," he says, "I will never stop taking classes."

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Feb 14, 2014

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Wheelchair Basketball

Capitol Center
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It’s SCHOLARSHIP TIME!  Now’s the time to begin researching scholarships.
Be sure to checkout our Scholarship Bulletin Board, the Scholarship section of NHTI’s website,, or even your town’s website, for scholarship opportunities.


Campus Safety Information

The following incidents occurred on NHTI property during the week of February 3-9, 2014.  The numbers reflect only the incidents the Safety Department handled directly. To view the NHTI crime log of the past 60 days reported incidents please visit the Campus Safety office at 1 Institute Drive.

Alcohol/Drug:    2
Assault:  1
Complaint:  1
Escort:  4
Lock/Key Issues:  7
Lost and Found:  20
Medical:  4
Motor Vehicle Lockout/Jumpstarts:  5
Suspicious Person:  1
Tickets Issued:  28
Warnings:  1
Outside Vendor Assists:  13
(Cable/Phone Company, etc.)


Campus Safety Information Corner

The NHTI Campus Safety Department would like to remind everyone in the event of a fire alarm to please evacuate the building, via the nearest entrance, in an orderly fashion.  Once outside please move at least 50 feet from the building so emergency services can arrive and determine the nature of the alarm.  Please do not re-enter the building for any reason without permission from the Safety Department or other authorized personnel.   If it is cold outside we would recommend going to another nearby building to stay warm, someone will notify you when it’s safe to re-enter the facility.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter!