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Inflate-gate!  A Question of Chemistry?

Say it ain't so!  For the last week or so, the question on nearly everyone's lips has been, did the Patriots deflate their footballs to give themselves an unfair advantage in the playoffs?

Last week, Prof. Tracey Lesser's Chemistry 104 class sought to exonerate the Pats by proving that the balls might have deflated due to natural causes.  The class has been studying the Gas Laws, one of which states that a gas will expand as its temperature increases, and contract as it cools.  The class speculated that the Patriots' footballs might have been properly inflated at room temperature, but lost pressure when the gas shrunk in the cold outside air.

To test this theory, the class borrowed a couple of basketballs from Paul Hogan (since NHTI doesn't have a football team), inflated them properly, and then placed them out in the snow for an hour to see how that affected their pressure.

Deflategate - Tracey Lesser, Liam Smith

Prof. Lesser preps the thermometers while student Liam Smith of Bow inflates the basketballs to be placed outside in the snow.

The results were dramatic.  Both balls started out at a pressure of 20 psi (pounds per square inch) at an indoor temperature of 20o C (about 68o F).  After spending about an hour in the snow at 7o C, the pressure in one ball had fallen to 19 psi and the other had plunged all the way to 12 psi!

On to the Super Bowl!

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Jan 30, 2015



Campus Safety Information

The following incidents occurred on NHTI property during the week of January 19-25, 2015.  The numbers reflect only the incidents the Safety Department handled directly.  To view the NHTI crime log of the past 60 days reported incidents please visit the Campus Safety office at One Institute Drive.

Alcohol/Drug:  1
Complaint:  2
Escort:  2
Lock/Key Issues:  8
Lost and Found:  9
Motor Vehicle Lockout/Jumpstarts:  6
Smoking Policy:  2
Tickets Issued:  15
Outside Vendor Assists:  4
(Cable/Phone Company, etc.)
Campus Safety

Info Corner

The NHTI Campus Safety Department would like to thank everyone for a good first week back and remind the campus community that you can always contact Campus Safety for lockouts, jumpstarts, escorts, or anything else by utilizing one of the many Code Blue phones throughout campus or by dialing 224-3287.