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Two Road Races, Two Victories

A trio of NHTI Cross Country team members -- Nacho Hernando, Quinn Parker, and Danira Ibrahimovic -- decided that they would celebrate the end of the semester by running two 5K road races on Saturday December 7.  They ran the Frozen 5K in Laconia at 10 am.  There were only 111 finishers in this race, but it had a very competitive field.  Nacho won the race with a time of 15:38.  Quinn was 7th at 17:30, and Danira was 41st at 24:24.

They then headed south to Manchester and ran the much larger but less competitive Santa Claus Shuffle at 3 pm.  There were 2442 finishers.  Nacho also won this race with a time of 16:02.  Quinn once again finished in 7th place  with a time of 17:44.  Danira finished 367th with a time of 25:44.  What a great way to celebrate the end of the semester and get ready for finals!

If you would like to celebrate the end of the spring semester in this manner, join the NHTI Running Club.  Contact Perry Seagroves for details.

Nacho Hernandez wins the Santa Claus Shuffle

Nacho crossing the finish line at the Santa Claus Shuffle.

Women Sweep, Men Split at Holiday Basketball Festivals

Nashua Community College hosted a Women’s Basketball Holiday Festival on Saturday December 7.  In game one, NHTI topped Eastern Maine Community College 51-39.   NHTI was led by Danielle Kimball (Derry) with 16 points, Jill Roberts (Franklin) with 10 points, and Allura LeBlanc (Northwood) with eight points.  In game two NHTI defeated Word of Life 55-30 to sweep the tournament.

Demetrious RouseSheveran HardyThat same Saturday NHTI hosted a Men’s Basketball Holiday Festival. In game one NHTI topped Word of Life 93-42.  Leading the Lynx were Sheveran Hardy (New Britain, CT) with 12 points, Jason Chollette Jr. (Seattle, WA) with 10 points, Curtis Williams (Newmarket) with 10 points, and Demetrious Rouse (Detroit, MI) with 11 points.  In game two action, Eastern Maine Community College rolled over Nashua Community College 84-36.

In game one the following day, Word of Life topped Nashua Community College 64-45.  In game two, NHTI fell to Eastern Maine Community College 92-79.  NHTI was paced by Rouse with 24 points and seven rebounds, Hardy with 16 points and nine assists, and Williams with 12 points.

For their efforts all tournament long, NHTI's Rouse and Hardy were among the athletes named to the All-Festival team.



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