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Happy Holidays

Visual Arts Senior Capstone Exhibit

December 15 - 23, Library Gallery

On Friday December 12, NHTI's Visual Arts department held a reception at the Smokestack Studio on North Main Street to kick off the end-of-semester Capstone Exhibit, featuring works by senior majors Suheily Cabassa, Bonnie Farren, and Jessica Roberts.

Artwork by Suheily Cabassa

Suheily Cabassa paints watercolors with coffee!  This piece is titled "Double Shot Expresso, Extra Cream."

Other students whose works appeared in the exhibit included Jon Clemens, Matt Dionne, and Theresa Swindell.

Painting by Jon Clemens

Paintings by Jon Clemens (above) and Theresa Swindell (below).

Painting by Theresa Swindell

The exhibit -- featuring only the senior majors' works -- continues at the NHTI Library Gallery from December 15-23..

Sculpture by Bonnie Farren

"Brood Mare" by Bonnie Farren

Nothing Succeeds Like Succession

Nick FontaineThere's not much that senior Environmental Studies major Nick Fontaine (left) doesn't know about a certain piece of forested land in Rochester, NH.  For his senior project, Nick studied the property extensively, taking measurements and cataloging virtually every plant and animal species found on the land.  In addition, he researched the ecological history of the property, which has passed in and out of agricultural use several times over the past 300 years.

forest succession, 1700-1910Nick presented his results on Thursday December 11 in a report called "Forest Succession and Land Use History."  He not only reviewed the past history of the land and summarized its current condition, but made predictions about its future evolution.  His major finding was that the forest, currently dominated by oak trees, would come to be dominated by beech trees within another generation if current trends continue.


Student Career Corner

Career Goals for 2015: A New Take on New Year’s Resolutions

You may be aware that we recently partnered with College Central Network to offer our students and alumni a new online job board.  Yet, did you know that our ‘job board’ also offers career tips galore?  The following is just one of many helpful career advice articles.  You can use it to approach those often dreaded New Year’s resolutions from a new angle … one that builds on career success!

To check out current job postings targeted to NHTI students and alumni, go to





Dec 19, 2014



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