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NHTI Ranks High

PayScale logoIt pays to go to NHTI!  Last month, a PayScale report ranked NHTI #8 out of over 450 two-year schools based on the earning power of their alumni.

But it's not all about the money.  PayScale also asked the alumni about job satisfaction.  Significantly, NHTI alumni ranked the highest among the top 15 schools in this category as well.  Nearly 70% of Lynx alums reported feeling that their work "makes the world a better place."

This news follows close on the heels of the Spring 2015 Brookings Institution report that ranked NHTI #1 in the nation for "value added" -- meaning that NHTI alumni not only do well financially, but that they do well specifically because of the time they spent at NHTI.

Congratulations to the faculty, staff and students of NHTI for yet another outstanding national ranking!  To view the full PayScale report, visit


Where There's Smoke ...

There's a lot to being a Resident Assistant!  Did you know the NHTI RA's were on campus for a full week of training before the students even showed up?  And you wouldn't believe some of the things they learned!

On Thursday August 27, the RAs gathered behind Strout Hall to get a lesson from Campus Safety in putting out fires ... literally!

Emily Chick

RA Emily Chick of Strout Hall throws down
against the fire pit!

Lynx to Leadership

New Program Gives Incoming Students a Crash Course in College … and More

For two days in August, about fifty incoming NHTI freshmen got a brief preview of what it would be like to be a full time student at the college this fall. The newly-developed Lynx to Leadership program combines elements of two older programs, "Inside-Out" (created to help new students learn the ins and outs of college life) and "Starters" (designed for student-athletes). The new program preserves some of the best features of these older ones, while introducing a focus on leadership training.

Lynx to Leadership trail work

A Lynx to Leadership team helps clear a trail behind NHTI's Langley Hall

The students participated in workshops on such practical matters as college affordability and academic success. They learned their way around campus, spent the night in a dorm, and met most of the administrators they would ever have to deal with at a Big Cat Breakfast the next morning. They talked about active leadership, civic engagement, passion and purpose, and even put some of their energy to work performing service tasks around the campus. And of course there was plenty of time for fun -- from a pizza social to a campfire by the river.

Lynx to Leadership Quality and Joy

A team of Lynx to Leadership participants crafted a new sign for NHTI's Child & Family Development Center based on its motto, "Teaching, Learning, and Practice with Quality and Joy"


Sept 4, 2015



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