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Hoisting the Flag(s)

One of the unique landmarks of the NHTI campus is the "flag wall" in the Wellness Center Gym, representing the countries of origin of the college's many foreign-born students.  Of course, the number and diversity of those students is constantly growing.  When last overhauled in 2010, the wall boasted 54 flags.  Today NHTI has students from no less than 82 different countries.

John Maddock & Vinnie Dolley hoist a section of flag wallThere have also been some technical challenges associated with the wall.  Up to now, adding, removing or replacing a flag -- for cleaning, when a country changes flags, or when a flag gets knocked down by a stray basketball -- has required bringing in a hydraulic lift!

Over the past week, the college has given the flag wall a major upgrade.  To start with, all the flags were taken down so that a new pole-and-pully system designed by Maintenance Chief Mike Therrien could be installed.  This now makes it possible for an entire section of the wall (four flags across and five deep) to be raised and lowered simultaneously, greatly simplifying maintenance (see photo at left).

Meanwhile, Wellness Center Director Deb Smith designed a new flag layout, incorporating 28 new flags in alphabetical order and keeping the pattern symmetrical, while allowing gaps for things like basketball hoops and emergency lights.  The new country flags were procured and fireproofed, and on Tuesday May 13, John Maddock and Vincent Dooley of the Maintenance staff led the team that hung the flags.

Above: John and Vinne hoist the second of 5 sections of the flag wall.  Below: The completed wall.

Flag Wall Panorama


May 16, 2014

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