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Future CompassTransfer Fair 2016

Tuesday March 1
11 am - 2 pm
Wellness Center / Rotunda / MPR

Thinking about transferring to a 4-year college?  Would you like a chance to win a $100 gift card?

Visit NHTI's annual NH College Transfer Fair!  More than 35 four-year colleges and universities will be on hand to provide NHTI students with information about transfer opportunities and options.

Participate and enter to win lots of exciting prizes including a $100 NHTI Bookstore gift card!  Meet college representatives!  Ask questions!  Get answers!  Explore your options!

Sponsored by the NHTI Bookstore/Follett, Student Leadership Team, Student Senate, and the NHTI Veterans Club.  For more info contact Alison Richardson, 271-6484 x4287 or

Rainey Wins Landscape Scholarship

Maria Rainey is the proud recipient of a $1600 scholarship from the NH Landscape Association (NHLA).  This scholarship is awarded annually to a member or employee of the NHLA, a high school senior, or a current college student involved in a landscape-related academic program.

Maria Rainey

Maria is a homeschooled student from Strafford, NH, who will be matriculating in the Landscape and Environmental Design program at NHTI in Fall 2016.  She has already completed her first year of NHTI coursework, so as she puts it, "I'll have a bit of a head start."

Maria has "a passion for horses," and has ridden for thirteen years.  She works as an assistant riding instructor during the summer, and works on a couple of farms year-round doing barn maintenance and taking care of the livestock.  She is also a singer, and performs in her church and as part of the Coe-Brown Northwood Academy chorus.

"I have always been very creative, and I love solving problems," says Maria.  "I like challenges, because they force me to think outside the box. I have also done substantial landscaping to our property, and love to see everything in bloom in the spring and summer."

Mullen is Zech DeVits Beneficiary

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Major Adam Mullen is the latest recipient of a grant from the Zech DeVits Memorial Equipment Fund.

Established in 2005 in memory of Zech DeVits, an Addiction Counseling student who passed away just weeks before graduating, the fund helps purchase assistive technology for NHTI students with disabilities.  It is funded in part by monies raised by the annual Wheelchair Basketball Benefit (just held on February 3rd).

Adam, who is visually impaired, has difficulty making some of the fine adjustments required in the manufacturing lab.  Now the Zech DeVits fund has purchased Adam a "centering scope," at a cost of around $350.  More than merely a magnifier, the device can be programmed to position itself precisely over the work Adam is doing, enabling him to do finely detailed work he could not do previously.

Adam Mullen

Heroin Panel Features NHTI Faces

The Tuesday Feb 23 panel discussion, “Many Faces of Heroin,” held in Sweeney Auditorium from 12:30 – 2 pm, featured many different perspectives on the opioid epidemic currently sweeping New Hampshire and the nation.  Almost all the presenters had strong ties to the NHTI community.

Eric AdamsThe presentation led off with Eric Adams, a Laconia police officer who is also a current student in NHTI’s Addiction Counseling program.  Eric started his law enforcement career in 2000 as a corrections officer with the State of NH.  He joined the Tilton Police Department in 2004, and worked as an undercover narcotics detective with the NH Attorney General’s office in 2005.  In 2012 he joined the Laconia PD, and in 2014 he became Laconia’s drug prevention, enforcement and treatment coordinator.

Eric now works directly with individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders.  He told stories of his successes – and his failures – in trying to get such people into treatment.  In 2015 Eric made contact with over 100 users.  Seventy-eight of them eventually started some form of treatment, and 36 of them have been clean for at least 60 days.

The success of Eric’s efforts has gained him statewide and even national attention.  Police departments from around New Hampshire and across the country are adopting Laconia’s methods, and Eric himself was recently profiled by CNN.

Shawn RileyThe next speaker was Shawn Riley, a 1990 graduate of NHTI’s Paramedic program and currently Laconia’s Deputy Fire Chief.  Shawn spoke primarily about Narcan, an “opioid blocker” which can be used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose. 

As a paramedic, Shawn has had access to Narcan throughout his 25-year career and administered it countless times.  But in the wake of the current heroin epidemic, Narcan has been made more readily available to the general public in hopes of reducing the alarming number of overdose deaths – over 250 in New Hampshire last year.

Some claim that easy access to Narcan merely “enables” heroin users by making the use of the drug less risky.  But Shawn argues that people who are hooked on opioids will use the drug regardless of risk; that is the nature of addiction.  “I’ve actually had people ask me, ‘Why did you save that guy?  You should have just let him die.’  But my job is saving lives, not passing judgment.  Everybody who lives is somebody who might someday get into treatment and turn his life around.  You can’t get into treatment when you’re dead.”

Amy ThompsonThe third speaker, NHTI Nursing Prof. Amy Thompson, has treated many drug overdose victims in her fifteen years in the emergency room.  She backed up much of what Shawn had to say about Narcan, but added some cautionary notes about the safety of administering the drug.

“Think about why they took heroin in the first place.  They did it to get high.  Narcan may save their life, but it takes that high away.  They don’t like that.  Some of them can get violent.”

Peter DalPraPeter DalPra, an NHTI alum, is now the Program Director of Phoenix House in Dublin, NH.  (Phoenix House is a national drug and alcohol treatment program with over a hundred facilities across the country.)  He is also a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with an independent practice, and a member of the Human Services faculty at NHTI.

Peter introduced a “surprise” fifth speaker, a resident of Phoenix House now in his sixth month of recovery.  This young man spoke honestly about his descent into addiction, which for him went by way of alcohol and prescription painkillers, and the slow and painful path back to sobriety.  His story put a very human face on the problems the others had spoken about in more abstract terms.

In the Q&A session the followed, many of the questions came from older audience members wanting to know what parents could do to protect their children from drugs.  The general response from the panelists was that open communication and honest conversations about drugs needed to start at a very young age.


Feb 26, 2016



Next 8-week session begins March 14

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