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Pioneer Visits the Pres

NHTI President Susan Dunton got an unexpected visit last week ... from a robot!

Joe Cunningham, Susan Dunton, Jesse Feng

Robotics professor Joe Cunningham and student Jesse Feng
put the Pioneer thru its paces.

The Pioneer robot, the newest toy in the Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology program's growing playground, can wander around more or less on its own, mapping its surroundings and using an array of sophisticated sensors to navigate and avoid obstacles.  Once it has developed a map of its environment, it can be used to run errands, make deliveries, do guard duty, and perform any number of other tasks.  Look out, R2D2.

NH College Transfer Fair 2015

Tuesday, February 24
11 am - 2 pm
Wellness Lobby, Rotunda, Multi-purpose Room

Thinking about transferring?  We will have 35+ four-year colleges and universities on hand to provide NHTI students with information about transfer opportunities and options.

* Participate & Enter to Win a $100 NHTI Bookstore Gift Card *
* Enter to Win Lots of Exciting Prizes *
* Meet College Representatives *
* Ask Questions & Get Answers *
* Explore Your Options *


Drawing the Dreamscape

Darby Upchurch CD coverVisual Arts major Darby Upchurch of Bow, NH, was recently commissioned to create the CD cover for Dreamscape Starlight Rocker, the latest release from Trent (Radons Records)!

Darby writes, "Trent produces wide varieties and styles of music, but for the sake of simplicity, we can narrow it down to Hardcore Techno, creating loud, fast beats to dreamy synths with splashes of goofiness.  I've actually been a fan of his music before they came to me.  We met on a blogging site.  I got an email one day asking for a commission for a CD cover.  They described what they wanted and I drew it, and then shortly after it was a pretty album cover on Bandcamp and CD form.  It was all really casual, and they were super nice.

"I was influenced by a lot of other online artists, concept art of video games, and cartoons.  I was always drawn to the brightly colored and unrealistic style.  Designing the CD cover wasn't anything different than what I usually do.  I just drew an illustration, then Trent did the typography and cropping.  A lot of my other illustrations were also very casual.  Most of them are clients asking me to draw their characters, which is one of my favorite things to draw.  It may not sound like a lot at first, but the gratitude that my clients show make it worthwhile and important."

Feb 20, 2015




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4-Year College
Transfer Representatives
On Campus
This Week


Tuesday Feb 24
Transfer Fair >> More than 35 reps on campus!
Wellness Lobby, Rotunda, Multi-purpose Room
11 am - 2 pm


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