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Look, Boys & Girls ... It's the Hygienists!

For the sixth consecutive year, the NHTI chapter of the Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA) has gone all out to provide an Oral Health Fair for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Concord.  This year's fair was the biggest and best yet, with a record number of children -- around 140! -- and over 30 student volunteers, including a Tooth Fairy, a Toothbrush, and a Toothpaste!

Boys & Girls Club volunteers
SADHA volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club,
with faculty members Debra Albrecht (far left) and Rachel Leo Flagg (far right).

Lindsay Kitchen
Freshman Lindsay Kitchen teaches proper brushing technique
with the help of some very toothy monsters.
April Fitch as Sparkle the Toothbrush
Freshman April Fitch attracts a devoted fan club
in her role as "Sparkle the Toothbrush."
Jillian Good as the Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy Jillian Good helps the boys identify healthy foods.
Jennifer Davis and Krysten Payment
It's All In the Timing: Seniors Jennifer Davis (left) and Krysten Payment hand out two-minute timers to help kids keep track of how long they brush.
Lauren Bishop, Anna Kate Tinkham and Claire Nee
Seniors Lauren Bishop, Anna Kate Tinkham and Claire Nee (top to bottom) join the children in a dental word search.
Lauren Bishop, Anna Kate Tinkham and Claire Nee
The kids line up for "Bad Food Bean Bag,"
a game which teaches them to toss foods that aren't good for them.