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Jason Bishop Takes the Helm for Campus Safety

NHTI, Concord's Community College Jason Bishop, Director of Campus SafetyJason received his AS degree in Criminal Justice from NHTI. He attended both the Vermont and New Hampshire Police Academy’s part-time police officer programs, and has received several national Campus Safety training credentials. He started working for NHTI in April of 2000 as a Campus Safety Officer, and in July of 2004 he was promoted to the Assistant Director of Campus Safety.

Jason says, "Campus Safety will continue to maintain the same excellent service the campus community is accustomed to.  In addition, we seek to continuously improve communication, programming and safety applications throughout our campus infrastructure.  I know we can count on NHTI family teamwork to assist us in our mission and assure the safety, security, and protection of the College community, buildings and property."

Please congratulate Jason on his new position. It is well deserved.

Ty Williams
Langley Hall Welcomes New Director

Ty Williams grew up in a small town near Binghamton, NY.  “My high school graduating class had fewer than 50 students,” he says by way of illustration.  “Though I guess around here that’s not all that small.”

He got his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at SUNY (State University of NY) Cobelskill, where he was a Resident Assistant (RA) for three and half years.  He then got into consulting for a while, but apparently the IT business wasn’t everything he’d hoped it would be.  After a while, Ty started thinking about turning his Res Life experience into a career.

His first position was at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, a small, Catholic Liberal Arts college in New York City.  Starting out as a graduate assistant, he soon advanced to the role of “area coordinator,” managing three residence halls.

Ty stayed on at Mount Saint Vincent for five and half years, but in his heart, he says, “I’m not a city person.  I grew up in a country town, and I wanted to go back to that life.”

And even though Ty has only been here for a few weeks, he already has the sense that NHTI is much more the kind of school he wants to be a part of.  “At a school like this,” he says, “there is a lot more community involvement.  The students want to be here; they have a sense of pride.  Whether they plan to go on for more education, or back into their communities to work, they seem happy to be here now.  They appreciate the opportunities they have here.

“Even though it’s a larger school, it still has that ‘mom and pop’ feeling – especially in Residence Life.”

In his ‘spare’ time, Ty is finishing up his Master’s degree in Business Administration at SNHU.  (He’s been working on it, a few courses as a time, for several years.)  And he’s looking forward to winter sports – snowshoeing, snowboarding, and even some plain old hiking – if we ever get enough snow for it.  In fact, he’s on the lookout for some hiking buddies, so if you’re interested, look him up!

Why Should We Vote on February 9th

By Catherine Mernin

  1. America is a Democracy-Representatives need to know what all of their constituents are thinking.
  1. No one else votes with college students in mind-People tend to only think about themselves. It is rare that voters think specifically on college student’s needs.
  1. College students are key constituents in all elections-44 million millennials are eligible to vote which is key.
  1. Voting Shows concern for the next generation-Not only will this affect your generation but it will affect all of our children and children we may have someday.
  1. Voting is Empowering-As college students, you are expanding your mind and challenging yourself. Don’t pass on this empowering experience.
  1. College Voters can swing an election-According to Rock the Vote, a Connecticut representative Joe Courtney won by 83 votes and turnout at UConn was up 10 times in 2006.
  1. People fought for your Right to Vote-Vietnam Veterans fought for the voting age to be 18, while African Americans and women fought for their own right to vote. You should honor their sacrifice by voting.
  1.  Some students are already renting/owning house/have families while other students will be someday-Presidential policies will and already do affect our lives. It is time to get your voice to get out there.
  1. We are all adults-As college students, we are all living in the real world by managing finances, living independently and taking charge of your education. We are finally able to cast a vote!
  1. Voting shapes social agenda-Social agendas such as gay rights have changed because people vote. Without the support from the two new justices President Obama appointed, same sex marriage would have still been illegal in some states. Since President’s appoint Supreme Court justices for life, it is important that we vote for people who share the same beliefs.

Catherine is in her third year at NHTI and will graduate in May with my Associate's Degree in General Studies.  She hopes to transfer to UNH to study Psychology. She is a member of the Social Science Club and the Campus Activities Board. She has worked at the Learning Center and the Office of Student Life.


Jan 28, 2016



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NHTI Campus Safety Information

Week of January 18 – 24, 2016

The following incidents occurred on NHTI property.  The numbers reflect only the incidents the Safety Department handled directly.

To view the NHTI crime log of the past 60 days reported incidents please go to the NHTI Campus Safety office at One Institute Drive.

Complaint:  1
Escort:  1
Lock/Key Issues:  15
Lost and Found:  10
       Property:  1
Motor Vehicle Lockout/
       Jumpstarts:  4
NHTI Campus Policy:  1
Suspicious Person:  1
Theft:  1
Tickets Issued:  4
Outside Vendor
       Assists:  8
       (Cable/Phone Company, etc.)

NHTI Campus Safety Information Corner: 

The NHTI Campus Safety Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back and for a great first week of the spring semester. 

NHTI has recently adopted a new policy as it relates to unmanned aerial vehicles (AKA, drones) on campus.  Please follow the link below to familiarize yourself with the policy should you want to operate an UAV on campus.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy please don’t hesitate to contact the Campus Safety Department at (603) 224-3287.

Lost and Found

Have you lost or misplaced something?  Here’s is a partial list of items brought to “Lost & Found” at Campus Safety:

  • Debit Care
  • Vape Pen
  • Magic Cards
  • Key
  • Glove
  • Flash Drive
  • Glasses
  • Winter Hat
  • Green Folder
  • Notebook