Minimum Technology Requirements for NHTI Online Classes

It is our goal that your online learning and teaching experiences are free of technical challenges.

  1. Operating System:

    PC: Microsoft Windows 7 (or newer)
    Mac: OS 10.7 (Lion) or newer)

  2. Processor:   Intel Core 2 Series (equivalent or greater)
  3. Memory (RAM):   4 GB or more
  4. Hard Drive:   180 GB or more
  5. Headset with a microphone (or earbuds with a microphone) that work with your computer
  6. Webcam that works with your computer
  7. Microsoft Office Suite:

    PC: Microsoft Office 2013 (or newer)
    Mac: Microsoft Office 2012 (or newer)
    NHTI Students have access to Office 365 Education for Students

  8. Internet Browser (choose 2):   Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  9. Ability to connect to high-speed Internet
  10. Antivirus Software

Note: Other course-specific technologies may be required (such as a free downloadable application).

*Be sure to check with your department chair regarding the best operating system for your degree.

Some majors, and some courses, may require the Windows operating system.  Mac users might consider using VirtualBox 4.2.18 for OS X hosts x86/amd64 ( and select the option for OS hosts), and purchasing the Microsoft Windows operating system, and Microsoft Office from our NHTI Campus Store. Some students may prefer using an alternative to VirtualBox; alternatives include: VMware Fusion, Parallels.

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