MFET 111C                  Manufacturing and Materials Processing

Provides a basic understanding of traditional methods of materials processing used in product manufacturing. Through lectures, demonstrations, and first-hand lab exposure, the student is given the theory and applications of each process. The following are covered: casting, extruding, forging, molding, forming, heat treating, joining, and an introduction to machining methods, both conventional and numerically controlled. A $20 materials fee will be assessed for all students.

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 3    Credit Hours: 4


MFET 202C                  Measurement and Control

Begins with the study of basic electronics (analog and digital) and electronic components (transistors, op-amps, SCR’s). Electromechanical principles are introduced, leading to consideration of sensors and transducers used in production processes. Paralleling this sequence is the development of programming in Visual Basic. These two paths join during the second half of the course where programming logic controllers (PLCs) and relay ladder logic (RLL) are presented. In the lab, students gain hands-on experience with all hardware and software covered in the course. (Prerequisites: PHYS 135C [or basic AC/DC theory] with a grade of C or higher, or permission of the department chair)

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 2     Credit Hours: 4


MFET 210C                  Lean Manufacturing

A study of the concept of lean production applied to the manufacturing sector. The course covers the fundamental concepts and philosophy of lean used to achieve operational excellence. Lean concepts such as waste reduction, one-piece flow, pull systems, constant continuous improvement, and development of personnel into leaders. Lean concepts/tools covered will include kaizen, value stream mapping, work standardization, kanban, 5S, 5 why, A3 report, just in time (JIT), and takt time.

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 0    Credit Hours: 3


MFET 220C                  Manufacturing Processes and Machine Tools

A technical study of the theory, equipment, and application of machine tools and metal removal processes. Processes covered include turning, milling, and drilling, with an emphasis on numerical control. Theory is applied through actual machine operation in lab. (Prerequisites: MFET 111C, and MCET 105C or MNFP 105C)

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 3    Credit Hours: 4


MFET 231C                  Production Systems

A study of the organization of the production system as well as the techniques used to control its operation. Topics covered include forecasting, production planning, plant layout, inventory control, work measurement, job sequencing, and operation scheduling. An introduction to lean manufacturing concepts is also provided. (Prerequisite: MFET 111C)

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 0     Credit Hours: 3


MFET 241C                  Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

A study of flexible industrial automation as it applies to product-producing industry. Particular emphasis is on numerical control, CAD/CAM, and computer-integrated manufacturing. The basic theory and application of these areas are studied. In the lab portion of the course, the student has the opportunity to set up, program, and operate aspects of a computer-controlled manufacturing system. (Prerequisite: MFET 220C.)

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 3    Credit Hours: 4


MFET 252C                  Quality Control

A study of the techniques used to collect, organize, and analyze information that can be used in making decisions regarding quality. The course will begin with a review of the basic principles of statistics and probability and then develop such topics as process capability, process control, acceptance sampling, and reliability. The scope of quality will be expanded to include such topics as reliability, quality costs, product liability, 6-sigma, and quality systems. Activities will provide the student with the opportunity to apply the principles developed in the classroom through the use of computer examples and hands-on exercises. (Prerequisites: MATH 251C)

Lecture Hours: 3    Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours: 2    Credit Hours: 4

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