July 20, 2020

Lose your student ID? Despise your picture? COVID-19 standing in your way? You’re in luck: Campus Safety has created a step-by-step guide to getting a new ID without having to come onto campus:

  • Woman holding black walletIt must be a current image, looking directly at the camera; no sides or angles.
  • Submit a photo using the following guidelines:
    • Your face should be generally centered, capturing your entire head (do not crop the top) and you should be alone in the image.
    • The photo should be in good taste. Do not make any hand gestures or any facial expressions other than a smile.
    • Nothing should be obstructing your face or head, like a hat.
    • The picture should be taken in front of a solid color background.
    • The photo should be unaltered. Please do not submit images with photo filters, stickers, text, etc. or changes any to your appearance.
    • It has to be a high-resolution .jpg to be accepted.
    • Even if you do all these things, your photo may still be denied, or we may ask you to retake it for reasons too complicated to list here. In that case, please do not get frustrated; just try again.
  • Send your photo to NHTICampusSafety@ccsnh.edu with “Photo ID Submission” in the subject line. This email has to come from a CCSNH e-mail address to be considered. Include in the email your full legal name on file with NHTI and your student ID number.

How Do I get the ID?

Allied Health major student IDs will be given to your department head; they’ll be in touch about how to dispense your ID. Residence Life student IDs will be delivered to your resident hall; you’ll get it when you check in. All other IDs will be mailed to your most current mailing address on file with the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to check that address first to make sure it’s current.

If you have any questions please contact the Campus Safety Department at 603-230-4042 or by e-mail at NHTICampusSafety@ccsnh.edu. Thank you!