August 17, 2020

Student in MaskBy Jason Wovkanech, Interim Director of Campus Safety

The phrase “the college experience” is ingrained in the American lexicon. It has meant many things to college students. Alumni often fondly talk of their college experience. This year will be significantly different. Regardless if you are beginning, continuing, or completing your college career, your college experience will be different than the that of many generations before you.

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As members of the Lynx community, we take on the challenges of this year’s experience together. Regardless if you are attending virtual classes, chatting through a Canvas class, or coming on campus for an in-person lab with extra protective equipment, there will be opportunities to be engaged with your classmates and faculty to build your college experience.  It will just look different. There will be opportunities to engage in clubs and organizations, campus activities and events, athletics, and residence hall programs. The key to having the college experience, even as we face COVID-19 together, is by being engaged in the Lynx Community.

Public health and safety measures will, of course, be a part of your college life – and they will likely not be the part on which you look back fondly. But, they are here to keep all of us in the Lynx Community safer so all of us can succeed in our careers and education pursuits.

The Campus Safety Department is a resource to help in the overall success of your education and to support faculty and staff. Please reach out we can be of any assistance. Our department is open 24 hours a day throughout the year, and we are here to support our Lynx Community through this semester and beyond. For more information on Campus Safety, call 603-230-4042.

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