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Communications degree at NHTI

This program is designed to prepare students to build successful careers in today’s complex, information-based, media-driven culture and allow them to transfer into bachelor’s degree program in Communications, Media Studies, […]

Visual Arts

Visual Arts degree at NHTI

This program provides the opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of visual expression and broad exposure to the history of art in preparation for transfer to four-year colleges and universities […]

Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication certificate at NHTI

This program consists of four English courses with the “MC” extension that infuse mindful communication and emotional intelligence into the teaching of core course content. Students who take those courses […]

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts degree at NHTI

This program is designed to provide students with broad knowledge and exploration in the arts and sciences. It offers maximum choice and flexibility, a wide array of courses, and clear […]


English associate degree at NHTI

The program ensures a sound general education in the Humanities and Sciences while allowing students to pursue individual interests in literatures or creative writing. The associate degree can serve as a […]

General Studies

This program is designed to provide students with maximum flexibility, traditional and online options, and strong advising to help fulfill prerequisites needed to apply to any of NHTI’s Allied Health […]