Education and Teacher Education Conversion Programs Ambassador Program

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The Education Department Ambassadors are a group of students chosen by the faculty to assist the department.

Our mission
The program is designed to improve the educational experience for all students in the education department by involving selected pre-service teachers in department activities, planning, and events.

The Program seeks to:

  • Create a community of pre-service teacher-leaders who share time, talent, and expertise and who collaborate with the education department faculty and student, to enhance programs, activities, and events.
  • Involve pre-service teachers in planning and supporting activities, programs, and events that enhance the education programs. 
  • Expand pre-service teachers' leadership skills in working collaboratively with faculty during the academic year in matters related to education programs.

Meet some of the Ambassadors:

Program: Associate of Science in Education interested in Elementary and Special Education

Why did you choose NHTI?

“At first I wanted to go to NHTI because of the money. I have always been a penny pincher and the less debt I create, the better I would be. Then I visited the campus. It was amazing; everyone was so warm and welcoming. After that visit I could not have imagined myself going anywhere else. Then and there I told my mom, “Sign me up!” And here I am, finishing my first semester and loving every minute of it.”

Program: Associate of Science in Education interested in teaching math or elementary education.

Why did you choose NHTI?

“ I chose NHTI because I felt I could get the same, if not a better education, at NHTI for a fraction of the price of other four year schools”.

Program: Associate of Science in Education interested in teaching special education or math.

Why did you choose NHTI?

“I choose NHTI because I was unsure of what kind of teacher I wanted to become. Since day one, the professors at NHTI have been there for me whether I made an appointment or not. They have helped me decide what certification area would fit me best and have helped boost my teaching self-esteem. I know NHTI has made a difference in my life. I now know what I want to major in and I am comfortable in the field I chose. My teachers have never once doubted my ability; they were always encouraging which has made me become more outgoing.”

Program: Teacher Education Conversion Program, Certification in Life Science
Why did you choose NHTI?
"I chose NHTI because of the TECP program"

Program: Associate of Science in Education, Middle School Math

Why did you choose NHTI?

"I originally chose NHTI because of the affordability and proximity. Although, what has made the biggest impact on my educational experience is the amount of support and involvement NHTI's faculty provides, they inevitably set you up for success."

Program of Study: Associate of Science in Education, Special Education

Why did you choose NHTI?

"I chose NHTI because it's an affordable alternative in higher education. I've had a great experience so far. The faculty are very helpful and I find the professors here have the same expertise as the professors I will find at any 4-year college."

Jefferson (Jeff)
Program: Teacher Education Conversion Program,  Middle Level Science (5-9); Life Science (7-12) and Physical Science (7-12)

Why did you choose NHTI?

"The TECP program at NHTI is a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain an Alternative 1 teaching certification for college graduates.  I think that taking the time to learn as much as I can about the teaching profession and obtain an Alternative 1 certification will allow me to focus on becoming a better teacher as I begin the profession, as opposed to obtaining certification through one of the other alternatives and taking my education courses post-certification."

Kelly Moore Dunn
Education Dept. Head
(603) 271-6484 x4163

31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 230-4011

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