All associate degree programs at NHTI include a minimum number of credits in General Education courses distributed in accordance with the policy of the Community College System of New Hampshire.

These courses supplement and expand upon the knowledge and skills acquired in your major field courses to ensure you meet the definition of an “educated person” as set forth in NHTI’s Educated Person Statement of Philosophy.

The following list can help you determine which courses are appropriate to fulfill your general education requirements. In programs where a General Education elective is indicated, you can select a course from any of the categories. Credits are indicated in parentheses. All Visual Arts courses can meet Fine Arts requirement.

All literature courses listed plus the following:

All Visual Arts courses listed plus the following: 
DANC 101C – Dance Survey I (2)
DANC 102C – Dance Survey II (2)
DANC 140C – Introduction to Modern Dance (3)
DANC 141C – Ballet Fundamentals (1)
MUSC 105C – Introduction to Music (3)
MUSC 106C – The History of Jazz, Blues and Rock and Roll (3)
MUSC 107C – World Music (3)
MUSC 150C – Introduction to Guitar (3)
MUSC 155C – Vocal Production and Performance (3)
THTR 101C – Acting I (3)
THTR 102C – Acting II (3)
THTR 110C/ENGL 110C – Introduction to the Theatre (3)
THTR 150C – Theatre History: Prewriting to 1800 (3)
THTR 185C – Children’s Theatre (3)
THTR 220C – Playwriting (3)
THTR 250C – Musical Theater (3)
THTR 255C – Directing (3)

Any literature course or the following:

  • HIST 104C – Western Civilization: Antiquity to 1650 (3)
  • HIST 105C – Western Civilization: 1650 to Present (3)
  • INDL 101C – STEM in the First Year Experience (3)
  • INDL 120C – Global Public Health Issues (3)
  • PHIL 110C – Introduction to Philosophy (3)
  • PHIL 226AC – Comparative World Religions (3)
  • PHIL 242C – Contemporary Ethical Issues (3)

*Fine Arts, Language, Visual Arts, and English Literature courses can also be taken to meet the Humanities elective requirement. Contact your advisor for assistance with course selection.