• Resident students will have card access to all 3 halls including side doors from 10:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
  • Resident students will have card access to all 3 halls’ front entrances until 1 a.m.
  • Resident students do not need to sign into the other residence halls and do not have guest status. This
    includes for overnights. Residents will not have to sign up in advance to be an overnight. Any misconduct that might occur will result in a loss of these privileges in addition to disciplinary action. Additionally, all residents of a room need to approve any overnights. The Roommate’s Bill of Rights remains in effect.
  • All commuter student guests and non-NHTI guests need to sign into the residence hall at 7 p.m. or upon arrival and must have a resident host present when they sign in. The resident host must stay with their guest at all times. Any violations of residence hall or college policy committed by the guest will be attributed to their host. Any violations by a guest will result in the immediate removal of the guest from the residence halls.
  • If a guest is not an overnight guest, they must sign out of the residence hall by 12 a.m.
  • Overnight requests must be submitted by 11:00 pm and must check into the residence hall by midnight.

Our purpose is to maintain a safe environment on campus. Campus Safety officers are available 24/7. Campus Safety is available to provide escorts for students around campus. Escorts provided can be by foot or by vehicle. Those with a medical problem can request this service at any time by dialing 603-224-3287 or by using the Code Blue Phones. The individual should tell the officer who they are, where they are located, and where they need to go. The officer will give them an estimated time of arrival to the location. For more information regarding Campus Safety, call 603-230-4042.