Business Office/Receiving/
Campus Safety

Mail Room

Earl H. Little Hall

First Floor
Architectural Engineering Technology
     Dept. Chair Office
Alumni and Development Office
Automation and Manufacturing Lab
Capital Commons Dining Hall
Computer Laboratories
Faculty Offices
Human Resource Office
Machine Shop
Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering
     Technology Dept. Chair Office
Material Science Laboratory
Materials Test Laboratory
President’s Office
Public Information Office
Web Site Coordinator/Graphic Designer

Second Floor
Animation and Graphic Game Programming
     Program Coordinator Office
Architectural and Mechanical Drafting Rooms
CAD Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Computer Laboratories
EET/CPET Department Chair Office
Electronic Fabrication Room
Electronic Laboratories and Computer Laboratory
Faculty Offices
Math/Physics Department Chair Office
Physics Laboratory

Elwood F. MacRury Hall

First Floor
Dental Program
Dental Clinic and Reception Area
Dental Darkroom
Faculty Offices
Diagnostic Medical Imaging Dept. Chair Office
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Lab
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Coordinator Office
Orthopaedic Technology Lab
Orthopaedic Technology Program Coordinator Office
Radiation Therapy Lab
Radiation Therapy Program Coordinator Office
Radiologic Technology Program Coordinator Office
Radiologic Tech. Lab
Radiation Therapy Dept. Chair Office

Second Floor
Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Biology Lab
Faculty Offices
Microbiology Lab
Paramedic Emergency Medicine Dept. Chair Office
Paramedic Emergency Medicine Lab
Science/Biology/Chemistry/Health Science/Environmental Studies
     Dept. Chair Office

Farnum Hall

IT Dept. Chair Office
Business Training Center
Paralegal Dept. Chair Office

Grappone Hall

First Floor
CRC Coordinator Office
Lecture Hall
Simulation Labs
Skills Lab

Second Floor
Addiction Counseling/Human Service
     Dept. Chair Office
Addiction Counseling Program Coordinator Office
Computer Lab
Conference Room
Early Childhood/Child and Family Studies Dept. Chair Office
Faculty Offices
Nursing Dept. Chair Office
Study Area

Third Floor
Education Dept. Chair Office
English Dept. Chair Office
Faculty Offices
Lecture Hall


Computer Labs
Library Collections
Media Department
Offices of Librarians
Student Study Rooms
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

Director’s Office
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Tutoring Coordinator

Maintenance Buildings

Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical Shops
Receiving and Supply Office

Langley Hall

Coed Residence Hall
Accounting Dept. Chair Office
Business Administration Dept. Chair Office
Criminal Justice Dept. Chair Office
Online and Continuing Ed. Office
Faculty Offices
Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Institutional Research and Grants
Sport, Recreation & Tourism Studies
     Dept. Chair Office
Vice President of Academic Affairs


Please note: Facility is off campus at 254 North State Street, Unit M, Concord, NH 03301

Visual Arts Classrooms/Studios
Visual Arts Department Chair Office

South Hall

Coed Residence Hall

Strout Hall

Coed Residence Hall

Student Center

First Floor
Counseling Offices
Community Service
Game Area
Health Services
Multi-purpose Room

Second Floor
Campus Activities Board
Student Organization Meeting Rooms
Phi Theta Kappa
Residence Life Office
Student Senate Office
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

Sweeney Hall

First Floor
Academic Advising
Admissions Office
Auditorium/Lecture Hall
Career Counseling and Job Placement
Faculty and Staff Lounge
Financial Aid Office
Liberal Arts Dept. Chair Office
Locker Rooms
Receptionist Area
Registrar’s Office

Second Floor
Computer Laboratories
General Studies Dept. Chair Office
Social Sciences Dept. Chair Office

Third Floor
Director of Cross-Cultural Education & ESOL
ESOL Tutor

Wellness Center

Athletic Department
Student Organization meeting room
Fitness Center
Intramural/Recreation Department
Locker Rooms

White Hall

Computer Services