Hello everyone, my name is Colby Chaput and I am the Residence Director (RD) of Strout Hall. I am originally from Swanzey, NH. I have an older brother who’s married, and I have 2 nieces. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with my Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. I live on campus year-round in the apartment in Strout Hall with my girlfriend Caroline and my cat Winston. I love being adventurous in so many different ways including hiking, snorkeling, climbing, and eating crazy things. I tried ox tongue one time, and frog legs. I also love cooking, and exploring different flavors and trying to become the best I can be in the kitchen. I look forward to connecting with you all, and supporting you to the best of my ability in your college journey, and am always here to help make your experience the best that it can be! Please stop by if you need anything or just want to tell me a little bit about yourself, my office is located right off of the Family Room.

Hey y’all, my name is Martin Higgins, I’m from Bedford, NH, and I’m currently finishing up my criminal justice degree. Some fun facts about me, I’m originally from Waltham, Massachusetts, I’ve visited over 30 states, and I can bark like a dog. Some of my favorite things to do are coffee runs Dunkin’ Donuts, playing Ice and Street Hockey, and listening to music. Catch me at CAB meetings every Tuesday @ 1pm. If you ever need me or just want to say hi, I’m in room 223.

My name is Jonathan Demers but most people call me Jon. I am from Berlin, NH, and I am pursuing a sports management degree. I hope to one day become a coach, scout, or athletic director. This is my third semester at NHTI and my first as an RA. I love playing sports especially baseball. I actually play for the college. I’m always up for a good conversation and meeting and making new friends. I wish everyone the best of luck in the school year ahead.

Hello everyone! I am Emily Gerade and this is my second year at NHTI but this is my first semester as an RA. I am very excited to begin this journey with all of you! I am currently in the general studies program but working towards being an ultrasound technician. A little bit about me is that I love dogs, photography, and spending time with my family and friends. Also, my favorite TV show of all time is Friends I am constantly watching it! I am in room 307 feel free to stop by if you need anything!

What’s up people of Strout Hall! Hi my name is Brycen Hill and I live in room 124. This is my second year as an Ra and first year as an HRA ! I am currently going on my third year here at NHTI. I am currently studying criminal justice with a special interest in homeland security. I live in North Conway and love bragging about the best places to eat there. When I have free time I love going to the lake, the gym, listening to music and, playing video games. Please feel free to knock on my door or come on in if my door is open.

Hey everyone I’m RA Desire Upton! I’m from Litchfield, NH and I’m majoring in Business. This is my third year at NHTI and my third semester as an Resident Assistant. My goal is to transfer to Plymouth State University to finish my degree. I love to cook and basically do anything involving outdoors. My favorite color is white (yes I know it’s not technically a color haha), and I’m most excited about what this year has to bring! If there is anything you need, my room is 323 Strout Hall, do not be afraid to ask!

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