Resident Assistants

What Is an RA?

Resident assistants (RAs) are peer advisers and educators who live and work with student residents to assist them in addressing their personal, interpersonal and academic needs within the residence hall and college community. RAs foster a sense of belonging and build community by getting to know residents, planning and implementing floor/hall activities and programs while maintaining a secure environment by addressing policy violations. Most importantly, RAs genuinely care about their residents and have the desire to help younger students succeed.

RAs report to the residence director of their respective residence area.

What’s In It for You?

Being n RA is a challenging job. Why should you consider it? Here are some of the benefits you can expect as a RA:

  • Increased skills such as time management, communication, peer counseling, event planning, leadership, navigating college resources, and more! These skills can really give you a jump on your job search after college no matter what field you are choosing to study. 
  • Chance to make a positive difference in the resident community and in your residents’ lives.
  • The compensation. RAs are compensated with room/board.
  • RAs get single rooms.

RA Qualifications

There are a few qualifications that a student must meet in order to be considered an RA candidate. Exceptions to these qualifications are considered but must be approved by the director of Residence Life in order to proceed in the process. Candidates must:

  • Have at least a 2.3 cumulative grade point average
  • Be registered for at least 9 credits
  • Successfully complete all stages of the selection process

Selection Process

The selection process consists of five elements; each must be completed successfully to be considered for an RA position. Not all candidates advance to each element.

  1. RA application, cover letter, resume, 2 recommendations
  2. RA group process interview
  3. Individual interview with residence hall directors
  4. Shadowing in each residence hall
  5. Interview with director of Residence Life

For more information please contact Eric Benn, assistant director of Residence Life and residence director of Langley Hall, at 603-271-6484 x4378 or


Being an HRA

The head resident assistant (HRA) will assist the residence hall director of their building in various aspects of building supervision and management. Their primary function will be assisting with community building, program efforts within the residence hall, and staff development. They will maintain a regular presence in the RA office and assist with any RA staff concerns as determined by their residence hall director. It is also expected that the HRA will play an active role in their residence hall’s Hall Council and be a key figure in assisting the Residence Life staff in all efforts that improve quality of student life at NHTI.

HRA Qualifications

Individuals who are looking to apply to be an HRA must meet the following qualifications:

  • Maintain satisfactory standing as an RA for at least one semester prior to selection
  • Be matriculated full-time in a degree/certificate program at NHTI
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher

HRA Selection Process

The selection process for the HRA involves four (4) elements:

  1. Completing the HRA application
  2. Two letters of recommendation: one from an NHTI staff member and one from an NHTI faculty member, preferably the applicant’s academic advisor
  3. 1-3 page response letter
  4. Case study presentation and interview with the Residence Life professional staff