Matriculation A matriculated student is one who has formally been accepted to and is actively enrolled in a program. To be formally accepted to a program, students must provide all the documentation required for admission to a specific program (degree,  professional certificate or certificate) and be officially notified by the Admissions Office of acceptance to that program. Only matriculated students are eligible to graduate from a program and to receive an official completion credential from the College. Students wishing to apply for financial aid must be matriculated. In addition, matriculation may be required for enrollment in discipline-specific courses. (See Individual Course Enrollment) Students who are enrolled in courses but who have not been formally accepted into an academic program are referred to as non-matriculated students. Full-time and Part-time (Also see What is Student Financial Aid)
  • Student enrollment at NHTI is defined according to the number of credits for which a student is enrolled in a particular semester as follows. For general purposes, this is defined as follows:
    • Full-time = 12 or more credits per semester
    • Part-time = fewer than 12 credits per semester
  • For financial aid purposes, NHTI defines student enrollment more specifically as follows:
    • Full time = 12 or more credits per semester
    • ¾ time = 9-11 credits per semester
    • Part-time = 6-8 credits per semester