Under the Audit policy students may enroll in courses which provide an opportunity to learn more about the challenges of college work, explore a discipline of interest, refresh prior learning, or supplement existing knowledge. Typically, a student attends lectures, seminars, and/or labs but does not complete graded assignments. When enrolled as an audit, the student will not be given a final grade nor will credit towards graduation be given for the course (the academic transcript will reflect an AU for the course).

Not all courses can be taken for audit, and entry into a course as an auditing student is by permission of the instructor. A student must complete a registration as an audit during the first week of classes. Once admitted as an audit the student may not change to credit status after the designated add period; likewise, a student registered for credit may not change to audit status after the designated add period.

Exceptions to the above may be made by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Students must pay the full tuition for the course. Financial Aid does not cover costs for an audited course.

Degrees and Certificates