In order for NHTI to invoice your employer, company or agency directly for your tuition and fees, the following conditions are required:

1. If your employer, company, or agency (insurance company, VocRehab, CAP, etc.) is paying for your tuition, you need to have an official letter or Tuition Authorization form from your employer/agency authorizing us to bill them. This must be submitted at the time of registration for day, evening or business training courses prior to the meeting of the first class for all classes. The company must be willing to pay upon receipt of the invoice.

* If your employer/agency states that there are any contingencies, (i.e. grade of “C” or better, upon completion, reimbursement, etc.), NHTI cannot bill your employer/agency directly. You must pay the semester charges by the tuition due date and receive reimbursement directly from your employer/agency.

2. For NHTI to send an invoice to your employer/agency the letter must be on official letterhead and include:

  • Your Name
  • Company Contact Name
  • Company Billing Address
  • Company Telephone
  • If applicable, the course and/or maximum amount of tuition allowable

Note: It is your responsibility to make sure that youremployer/agency pays the invoice. If the company fails to pay the invoice, you as the student will be responsible for the bill and you will not be eligible to register for any future courses until the bill is paid in full.

3. A separate letter is needed for each semester.

If your employer/agency offers a reimbursement program, you are responsible for your tuition and fees. We do not offer deferments. For payment information please visit How to Pay Your Tuition & Fees.

If your employer/agency is not in a good standing with NHTI, we reserve the right to not accept future authorizations for payment from them.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bursar’s Office at or (603) 230-4012.

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